Zhou Zhigang

[subscription] view blog visitors visit: 109563 bloggers integral: 1641 Nike Air Max Sale For kids Bowen number: 43 opening time: an announcement in orthopedics amp; spinal surgery in our hospital under the leadership of Li Zhizhong, director, 1998 with interbody disc mirror technique in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, I love Nike air foamposite pro since 2000 the microscope downward intervertebral disc excises an operation since, minimally invasive and ultramicro technique in spine surgery have improved significantly, over the years achieved good social influence. In recent years, the rapid development of microsurgical technology, but also for the treatment of spinal cord diseases in our hospital to bring new ideas. Li Zhizhong, Gen long Jiao, Zhou Zhigang, sun Guodong, Zhoulin, Jian Li Shao, Lin Yongxin, Guo Pu Wang, Chen Xin, medical team, the microsurgical technique of spinal cord decompression, get good therapeutic effect, the technology in 2013. The Journal of Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men Southern Medical University and 2012 of Peking Union Medical College English version published, was recognized by the academic circles. At present, it has been recognized by the National Committee of the academic committee and will communicate with colleagues in the general assembly, marking the technology will be widely used in the trea
Kids Air Jordan 7 151110057tment of spinal cord injury and repair. click to view the original missionary materials in our hospital department of orthopedics Eastern two families in the hospital leadership support, in recent years in the field of spinal surgery achieved remarkable results. Following the July 2015 Li Zhizhong, director in the province’s spine meeting presided over the meeting and on behalf of our hospital for
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http://517xianguo.com.cn/news/html/?5039.html by the Twelfth National spinal cord injury SCI meeting, the 17th National COA will employ and to give speeches, which marks the technology related to spinal surgery in our hospital are recognized by the national experts, in the treatment of spinal cord injury repair the new contribution is accepted by experts in the I like Nike foamposite one field, to further improve me spine surgery in the influence. We know that COA annual meeting of Chinese Orthopedic Association is by I buy Nike air foamposite one the Chinese medical would host bone science branch of the orthopaedic community the international academic annual meeting, should be invited to the academic committee of the General Assembly will in 2015 in October 24, Suzhou and 2015 November 19 in Chongqing doing exercises for spinal injury and degenerative spinal diseases speech is our hospital spinal surgery historic breakthrough. At present Li Zhizhong, led the team: Lin Yongxin, Gen long Jiao, Zhou Lin, Zhou Zhigang; Chen Xin, Shao Jianli; Wang Guopu, sun Guodong etc. for spinal cord injury and degenerative disease not only in clinical I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women do a lot of research, in the basic research also made some step. Click to view original education materials Gen long Jiao attending
Nike Free Run 3 Women Shoes Online Sale physician in the Guangzhou daily for health forum, answer in elderly patients with doubts and to guide the prevention and treatment. Click to view the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, in the Department of spine surgery, the original in spinal degenerative scoliosis using iliac
Nike Free Run Women Shoes Online Sale screw fixed good curative effect here is a picture: Click to view original spine surgery, Jinan University First Affiliated Hospital in spinal degenerative scoliosis paper