Zhang Shuai a 31 lead. Backward Keith immediately counterattack is very fierce

Zhang Shuaijin Australia 8 p Phoenix sports news Beijing time on January 25, 2016 a href 76 rel = Australia used tennis open to women’s
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men Online Sale singles 1 8 finals of the competition, the Rod Laver Arena night finale war, Zhang Shuai prior throw a plate of the situation, even pull two disc, to take 366363 American Teenager Keith and career for the first time into the quarter finals of the Australian Open. Zhang Shuai become after Li Na and Zheng Jie, the three qualify for the Australian Open women’s singles quarter finals of the Chinese players, 1 4 finals against a British sister hole tower. p break Grand Slam 14 in a row defeated a magic spell, Zhang Shuai become Li Na, Zheng Jie and Peng Shuai after another scored a Grand Slam singles the four rounds of Chinese players. At the same time, the Chinese Legion for 8 consecutive years in the Australian Open occupy a 16 seats. The 1 8 finals, Zhang Shuai opponent is known as future women’s tennis rulers of Keith, American teenager now ranked No. 17, had in the last year reached the semifinal. The two previously played four times each take two victor
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Olive Greenies, but distance once played in the past nearly two years, Keith’s progress should not be overlooked. in the first game, Zhang Shuai into the state of slow, service quality is not I like Nike foamposite one high for the encounter, quickly lost 4 points to break. Keith ferocious offensive but also batting performance is not stable, Zhang Shuai failed to continue to exert pressure to force a break point, Keith smoothly takes the Serving Bureau. Passive Zhang
http://yushengkeji.cn/news/html/?4141.html Shuai finally in the third game began to find their own rhythm, get back to winning points to hold serve. Fourth Zhang Shuai strong continue to extract a break point, but still rely on Keith serve to resolve the crisis Baofa, behind 13 Zhang Shuai. Then the two sides mutual serve, Keith in the game is very fierce for four straight points Baofa, behind 35 Zhang Shuai. Enter the non insurance can not serve, Zhang Shuai 040 behind in crisis, although difficult to save three inventory, but still suffered a break, Keith 63 momentum to
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men Online Sale win 7:5. second disk before the I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women game, Keith request medical suspension. After the start of the game state Keyes fell significantly, Zhang Shuai is slowly hand back, their protect hair after, Zhang Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men Shuai in the third inning force break points, and rely on the opponent’s backhand out of bounds successfully deliver, straight four strong break, Zhang Shuai a 31 I buy Nike air foamposite one lead. Backward Keith immediately counterattack is very fierce, the love game protect
Blake Griffin Shoes Online Sale hair and get the three break points in the sixth inning, the key Zhang Shuai even 5 points breathtaking protect hair, 42. Then the fight Keith felt unwell, Zhang Shuai again forced a break point, although failed to deliver, but Zhang Shuai or smooth Paul made the game to 53. Ninth, in the face of Keith inventory to send out the double fault, Zhang Shuai successfully break to regain a 63. decider, before the two sides issued their own security, the Third Bureau of state Zhang Shuai downs, Keith strong break. While Keith was I love Nike air foamposite pro serving a Nike Air Max Sale For kids high level of service at the tee, the injury was more and more serious.