YiDianTong after driving in the acquisition of 58 city

YiDianTong after driving in the acquisition of 58 city, big shot again, the acquisition of anjuke. In Ganji confrontation a year later, the 58 city investment, increase the pace of acquisitions. At the annual meeting of company interior, Yao Jinbo expresses 58 city will be from the service information fast steering trading patterns and assign o2o, adhered to the transaction. Prior to this, Yao Jinbo also throws the life of the classification of information is dead. br obviously, 58 city is completely abandon life of classified information services, o2o gamble, and tried to through the form of strategic investments or acquisitions, accelerate the transformation. In the O2O concept fire, Tencent is the case of 58 city shareholders, to the O2O transition of 58 city outlook seems very beautiful. As far as the status quo is concerned, 58 city has lost on the avenue of mergers and acquisitions. br the acquisition of live off, 58 city intention is very obvious, real estate information business model, the transition of o2o real estate, namely to trading to profit. All along, the secondary housing and rental
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Silver Redhousing is the 58 city’s economic pillars, in the property market downturn in the market environment, 58 city must find a new growth point. Founded in 2007, the housing off, in addition to the secondhand housing transactions and rental housing, there are new houses trading platform. After the acquisition of home, 58 city in the field of real estate business, will be involved in
http://www.scdaxuesheng.com/news/html/?61741.html new homes and secondhand housing transactions, as well as the rental transaction process. in recent years, live off by a number of intermediaries to boycott, lag and lack of housing renewal were deadlocked, availability of information, the housing traffic fell sharply, nearly 50 million listings were all disappeared, which in a certain extent also leads to user abandonment, traffic fell sharply. Acquisition of live off and can not give 58 existing real estate customers bring real results. Acquisition of home customers, 58 city also took a fancy to its line of resources. Set up eight years of live off, cover only 70 cities nationwide, and Soufangwang, Sina Locke such real estate platform compared and live off the channel resources is very weak. br in addition to live off the acquisition of 58 city after, away from all the core team headed by founder and CEO, anjuke became an empty shell. Since that is the case, the 58 city why $2.67 billion acquisition of? Explain only a, through mergers and acquisitions to capital market story, prop up share prices. br the future, 58 in the real estate field the biggest challenge is not just integration and live off, and more is a challenge from rivals. In just the past year, a lot of room, housing treasurer, a good house and China real estate intermediary are in transition to o2o and reduce real estate transaction commission. In early 2015, the housing network in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou

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