Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping 15 am in Beijing held a seminar and delivered an important
speech. Let a works with the sublime beauty, the faith of the United States, depth of thought and artistic height, argumentative and depend on to people as starting point foothold and a writing attitude and purpose of art. [with] Xi Forum on literature and art, can speak: respect for the remolding of national aesthetic spirit of literary criticism, criticism is the mirror of the literary and artistic creation, is the good medicine for healing the unhealthy Disposable e cigarette writing syndrome, is to guide the creation of literature and art more quality, to improve the aesthetic, leading the fashion an important force. China’s literary and artistic works, in the Chinese nation’s aesthetic system, the evaluation and interpretation of it must be based on the national aesthetic habits and aesthetic rules as the standard. Folk literature and art is the people of the cause is the cause of the people the cause of the study of general secretary Xi Jinping at the Forum on the work of the general secretary E-CIGARETTE CHINA Xi Jinping in the speech, people is one of the most frequently spoken w
ords, he said, socialist literature and art, in essence, is the people’s literature and art. Literature and art should reflect the aspirations of the people,
we must adhere to the people’s clothing. [detailed] Liu Qibao: Xi Jinping Liu Qibao in the literary and artistic Forum on the spirit of the speech, Xi Jinping, general secretary chaired a symposium and delivered an important speech, fully embodies the Party Central Committee on the work of art and literature, the kind of care. Liu Qibao stressed
that implementing the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping to adhere to people as the center of creation oriented, the banner of the uplift of the socialist core values, the creation. [with] Xi Jinping Forum on literature and art, after a meeting with Feng Xiaogang Handshake: do you have anything? Yesterday afternoon, Beijing Federation of organizations held capital of literary and art circles study General Secretary Hot E Cig kits Xi Jinping Forum on literature and art work will be an important speech spirit of the forum, capital of the arts artists represent, non nationals in Beijing on behalf of the artists together to exchange views, communicative experience. Tan Lihua with half an hour from beginning to end recounted a meeting that day learning the general secretary and the artists talk, many fine. [with] Xi gouging rotten apples references cited writers and
hot debate youth online news reporter Cai Mengyin in the recently held China Federation of literary and art circles of learning Xi Jinping important speech spirit of the forum, China Federation of literary and art circles party secretary Zhao Shi memory and the interpretation Mechanical Mod and RDA of the General Secretary Xi on Art Exposition, the national arts association representatives ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA and relevant units responsible for a total of more than 150 people participated in the discussion. [with]: to discuss literary prosperity plan Xi Jinping and literary and art workers say what would, according to the staterun Xinhua news agency, General Secretary Xi Jinping 15 in Beijing chaired a literary work of the forum and delivered an important speech, won the high evaluation of the E-CIG CHINA presence of artists. General secretary with you close interaction, the atmosphere of joy. What did Xi Jinping and the literary and art workers communicate? I said according to the Xinhua News Agency to discuss literature]