who is Huang An

, who is Huang An? p Huang is Taiwan before famous real power faction singers, once to a song very very red new Yuanyang butterfly dream, popular in the north and south, across the Taiwan Strait, known as i like lebron james 2014 new classical Chinese style master of the mountains. p, like all the artists, Huang in the past his prime, i like air jordan shoes men spotlights on the body no longer, in addition to the hardcore fans, ordinary people can not hear his return all mortal beings after the story. p however in recent years he has once again become the focus of attention. The reason is that he changed a kind of identity, from the singer transition to independent specialist. Not fake specialist, is play Taiwan, playing in Hong Kong alone, opened only engage in and support only beautiful coat under the cover of the true face of the single specialist. p Huang in my studying time, listening, singing the New mandarin duck butterfly dream, you already know that there is such a person, as is what kind of person is very fuzzy. At the time that most probably it did
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Mens Kobe Bryant 3 Shoes Blue Whitearing. now he came back, make the only specialist. Taiwanese singer Lu Guangzhong, Taiwan writer and director nine knives, Taiwan artiste nono, went to Xiamen to Changqing clock Yuchen, Taiwanese rock band Mayday, Hong Kong power faction actor Anthony Wong, Hong Kong artist Wong, and so on, are getting beaten up, Huang into the worthy of the name of Taiwan independence, Hong Kong alone Nemesis. So that Huang An and so a rigid upright, upright
http://www.gsytsj.com/news/html/?17753.html in. recently Huang An for reporting the Taiwan pop singer Zhou Ziyu, caused no small controversy. JYP entertainment, where Zhou Ziyu, first to Zhou Ziyu underage, their comments do not constitute political views respond, after once again issued a statement, said Zhou Ziyu was discount kids air jordan shoes never published any expression of Taiwan independence, Zhou Ziyu I firmly support and respect the principle of one China. According i love jordan nubuck men to China Taiwan network microblogging news in January 14th, the KMT is also the official discount lebron james website face book Facebook posted text, said: Zhou Ziyu support. Zhou Ziyu is not to support Taiwan independence, perhaps
Kobe Bryant 7.5 Shoes Men Wholesale as I have never grown up to adults to grow the same, but also need time for further testing. But at least she has had in Korea recorded a program of waving Taiwan flag, said he is Taiwan is a on their resume writing is Nationality: Taiwan in. Huang An made the report, at least there is a certain fact based on the alleged person. at the same time, Huang An himself seems to have spread to the controversy, the reason is that the net friend of Huang An in i love cheap jordans wholesale the past,’s
Kobe Bryant 3 Shoes Men Wholesale visit to the mainland to discredit the mainland’s video. This nature needs to objectively and objectively treat. As there are friends said, Huang An has long been issued microblogging said, do not listen to the person that the wind is rain, people will change, 2001 has been more than ten years! This is a description of the development of the continent in recent years that has led some people to change their existing views! More critical is the line on the left side of the screen: all Chinese people! What is it about Zhou Ziyu