While the situation in Libya is stable

While the situation in Libya is stable, Libya oil exports are expected to resume, making the international crude oil prices fell, which indirectly led to the global inflation expectations. This is a mid market need loose monetary policy foreshadowed. Operation strategy, the current Ashare market shrinking stabilized, is expected to exceed 10 day moving average, forming double bottom shape, gem and SME board, and the subject shares recent performance is reading personal analysis: from today’s disk industry tracking situation, ceramic industry today the trend of strong, a vast majority Hot E Cig kits of shares rosy to close rose 3.09%, topped the rise in the list. There are media reports, the Ministry of health only supported by the medical and Health Industry Exhibition China International Medical Equipment Exhibition and technology exchange Chinese Medical Instrument Exhibition held recently at the National Convention center. Over three days of the exhibition attracted more than 10 countries and regions of the 186 exhibitors and 10000 spectators, the exhibition area of 22000 square meters, the focus of reading ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA market A morning out of the independent Mechanical Mod and RDA market, higher volatility recovered last Friday market upward gap le
ft by. But in the process of the back fill gaps in the two cities and the volume has not been able to effectively release, and therefore lead to market rebound blocked, the gap failed to successfully complete recovery. Plate weight plate overall performance in general, failed to form an effective support for the market. Small plates, the gem has not been able to get rid of the recent downturn,
failed to read the market news: housing and Urban Construction Department Deputy Minister Qi Ji said, with the arrival of the construction season and increased work intensity,
the next two or three months will be expected to continue to improve the construction of housing projects in the next months, is expected to start 10000000 sets of targets before the end of 11. And since May from the northern region of the project gradually into the construction season, and most of the protection of the housing project after the E-CIG CHINA initial preparation are concentrated in the two quarter and the second half of the start, so that affordable housing starts from 34% rapid growth in late 6 to more than 50% at the end of 5. Affected by this, the cement industry early reading from today’s disk industry tracking situation, after the beginning of autumn, the weather gradually become cheerful, good formal travel season, and for Disposable e cigarette more than a month is the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays. The expected impact of the tourism season approaching, hotel and tourism sector
in the afternoon to close up, go up 4%, or in the list. The wine industry is a continuation of the recent trend of strong, today again rise, most stocks Piaohong, closed up
3.30%, ranking rose to second place in the standings. China foreign exchange trading center August 10th announcement shows that the exchange rate of RMB against the U. S. dollar 6.4167, a day before the 6.4335 jumped 168 basis points, even breaking 6.43 E-CIGARETTE CHINA and 6.42