Wave son brother talk about health care reform [today’s sentiment] in the past

Wave son brother talk about health care reform [today’s sentiment] in the past, the stretcher of the hospital is very simple, but really very dedicated! Do not accept the patient’s red packets, they feel that the patient’s home accident, it is worth sympathy! Now you don’t know. Some people ask why I gave two examples: if stretcher is implementing the ability by Anlaoquchou, stretcher wishes i like lebron james 2014 is what? Maybe become eager to lift the corpse, or pray: dead lift! If it is a fixed salary, do not good or bribery, to be fired, this time the desire of stretcher workers is it? Is not: do not dead people! This is a good wish for everyone! Only sigh: the system ah! hospital morgue trusteeship weird things! amp; amp; amp; amp; in the past on the way to the airport received a newspaper reporter to call and asked: you to Guangzhou some hospital morgue submitted by the intermediary company management, you have what view? At first glance, my first feeling is very uncomfortable, why the hospital morgue can also be asked by the third party management? Does the body still have surplus value to earn? No, who is so good? Reporters asked again, there is no law on t
Mens Dwyane Wade II White Red Blackhe custody of the provisions of the body it? This question, but also makes my heart beat a sudden. The body managed morgue hosting is a new thing, a new term. Happened frequently
Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Wholesale in a period of time before the pharmacy trusteeship into died, today and
Jeremy Lin Shoes Wholesale take out a morgue hosting, isn’t it is and a significant breakthrough for the new medical reform program? Perhaps is a prelude to
http://mobileservice.com.cn/plus/feedback.php?aid=128 the hospital hosting? Don’t understand. Anyway, I know that the national civil affairs, public security, health i love cheap jordans wholesale and other relevant departments on the management of the body is very strict. why is there a hospital morgue hosting weird things? How can the hospital morgue outsourcing? This involves legal issues, infectious diseases. The body is not a general waste, how to deal with the body of the business operation and the establishment of business relations? Weird? I could not find the reason, only immediately in accordance with the reporter’s tips to i love jordan nubuck men see the continuous coverage of the Guangzhou daily. The Guangzhou Daily reported the funeral black intermediary cheating phenomenon last week after the funeral black intermediary problems once again aroused public discount lebron james website concern. Funeral intermediary market this bowl of water in the end more than black? Some people once again revealed to reporters what they encountered was
Jeremy Lin Shoes Men Wholesale slaughtered experience. A Baiyun district hospital staff angrily to reporters said that his mother after the death of their work at a hospital, unexpectedly also must go back to the body as soon as possible to the funeral home really weird! All because the hospital morgue outsourced to conduit company managed to sell their funeral, the funeral service caused. Reporter investigations found that many hospitals in i like air jordan shoes men Guangzhou will be the morgue outsourcing to the intermediary companies, many of whom are some of the top three hospitals. in the interest of funeral companies contracting morgue in hosting the morgue at the same time, also do the funeral service. A citizen is complained, he in the morgue met agent sell funeral discount kids air jordan shoes company, mandatory buy a shroud, if he doesn’t agree, article