Water skin topics

Water skin topics, statements of a school. Listen to both sides and you will be enlightened; heed only one side and you will be benighted. in recent years of transport during the Spring Festival, everybody heat decreased a lot, I want to have a great relationship with the laying of Highspeed Rail, and Highspeed Rail technology into Chinese digestion grasp the best technology, the prime minister went out, are selling Highspeed Rail to all over the world. Can Chinese the Highspeed Rail exports, and relapses: fight in the nest. Because a CSR has a North car, killing each other in foreign ation above put each other down. In order to solve this problem, the State Council decided to merge the CSR North car. Someone saw the signal from the middle of North and South car merged before the Spring Festival, there are various versions, later said China Telecom to China Unicom merger, while said Sinopec to merge with CNOOC, PetroChina to merge or with. said CNPC and Sinopec merging problem, of course, also can not forget the oil to bring us a lesson. Everyone knows that there are words of the stock market, qhow can worry about, like warehouse full of oil. 16 block 6 is in the oil issue price, opening price 48 pieces of 6, then all the way down to where? A road fell to the lowest 6 dollars! PetroChina to many factors in the 48 block of about 6,, which is a very important factor, is China shenhua. The largest coal company Shenhua is Chinese, opening price is 66 dollars, after the limit of 3 to more than 90 yuan. In the oil to a coal prices to more than 90, we get the oil enterprise stock price what also need to talk to you about. Well, 16 yuan issue price prior to the listing of all public opinion, a good many people throw, stock to rob in the oil, mass panic buying. in the oil prior to the listing, I wrote an article, the oil is trap or pie, there are a lot of people say that is a big pie from the sky, my concept, it is a trap. Do a few basic judgment: first, oil in the opening price must be somewhere around 50 dollars, you can’t imagine opening in a position. Second, this is a historical high price, is you this life to live, never to see the price. Third, China stock market to rise up again, must turn the oil in this article, can be truly the next round of the bull market, I hope everyone like to stay away from drugs away from oil. The article is made in it before listing, many friends to see this article after a little caution a point. around CNPC and Sinopec, the story is always endless. We all know that the mixed ownership economy first gun pilot also in Sinopec, Sinopec as a representative of the central enterprises, the management of it;