visit the hometown of Wei Shouzeng moral model Wei Shouzeng has left us for more than a year

visit the hometown E-CIG CHINA of Wei Shouzeng moral model Wei Shouzeng has left us for more than a year. In March 15th this year, the Ministry of land and resources, posthumously awarded him the title of model of land resources. September 20th won the third national moral model nomination award. I accept the invitation to the red friends, Wei Shouzeng hometown, visit the hometown hero. Wei Shouzeng lives in a small village in Western Jingxi County, Guangxi province. This small mountain village in Guangxi is very common. May be a winter’s sake, everywhere is the yellow grass, after the harvest of light field, the leaves Mechanical Mod and RDA of the tree is yellow, village on the edge of a river also only bumps and hollows of the water, which to the rural earth add a bit bleak. We came to the home of Wei Shouzeng five Zhen Gan he Cun. His house in the village of some old, almost all other people have built a new house, only he is still preserved in the old bar type of house. br the family door is closed, after a while, counterparts of the County Land Bureau Huang Tao found an old man, my first f
eeling should grandfather Wei Shouzeng, not village Party branch secretary, village party secretary should not be so old. Grandpa to see we are very happy, said a lot of things, although it
is Mandarin, because I just arrived, temporarily didn’t know as well where to listen to. Old grandfather brought us into the inside of
a courtyard, the house looks like, I have just seen from the photos of
aunt Wei Shouzeng home, feel or exactly the same picture. Old grandfather said a nonstop, from the house to move out a few stools, and took out a bag of oranges, placed in front of us, said to be their own species, very sweet. Huang Tao says it’s not green food. Later, Huang Tao found the village Party Secretary and village director and E-CIGARETTE CHINA deputy director. From the mouth of the village Party branch secretary, just know grandfather’s ear has not heard clearly others speak, must be close to the Disposable e cigarette ear voice can understand. Sometimes speaking, writing on the paper, more convenient than speaking. p grandfather on paper wrote a few words, we found grandpa’s writing is very beautiful, vigorous strong, witty, let us surprised. The village party secretary said, the old man is the County Grain Bureau of retired ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA cadres. We heard the Secretary’s words, only sigh! Previously we see, on the wall of a small blackboard fenbizi write very neat, feel the mountain which is really Canglongwohu. when I was talking to them, I climbed up to the two floor Hot E Cig kits alone. A bed in the corner, it should be the bed of the old grandfather sleeping, there is a quilt, there is a mosquito net. Is there a washbasin bed before the wooden floor, there are some burned ashes, estimation is the grandfather of night warming. The only valuable here is a TV set, no furniture. Wood floors are some straw in
other places. This two floor of the wood floor is not fully covered, the middle is empty, in the eyes of outsiders, this is very dangerous. I’m from that little narrow staircase.