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View the message view friends see visitors visit blog: 182381 bloggers integral: 1074 Bowen number: 66 opening time: 20110616 announcement visitor to read. Reading my blog popularity. Links the Zatan life and work in total likes cliques, my son said, they playing Lianliankan, as long as the station into a team, will all be destroyed! Click to see the original gossip amp; amp; amp; amp; in recent years, China as a multinational enterprise most one of the value of investment in the buy air max shoes online region, i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes many of China’s emerging industries market also have access to capital favor. Among them, the international logistics giant involved in the field of China’s pharmaceutical logistics has repeatedly been mentioned. Industry generally believe that the giants have turned their attention to the Chinese pharmaceutical logistics market. These brothers can lead and promote the modernization process of China’s pharmaceutical logistics industry? Big brother layout from the end of 2004 buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online China’s comprehensive liberalization of the pharmaceutical distribution business to foreign i like air max shoes investment, China’s pharmaceutical logistics has become a stage of international capital competition. UPS array on October 24, the global logistics services giant American UPS announced that in the Asia Pacific region opened three health care facilities, including two distribution in Sha
Mens Derrick Rose III Shoes MDR3S05nghai and Hangzhou. The establishment of the facilities in Hangzhou mainly serves the headquarters in China’s pharmaceutical enterprises, while in Shanghai the center is mainly serving the production of medical equipment enterprises. UPS relevant person in charge told reporters that the company opened in 2011 after the existing health care facilities in Singapore began to enter the Asia Pacific market, now the core of the work in china. At the same buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online time UPS also said that is very optimistic about the Chinese medicine health care market development potential, ups will be longterm overweight in the field of
Cheap Derrick Rose II Shoes Men From China medical and health investment, health care warehousing and distribution center construction, and adhere to the continued investment. UPS from 2000 to enter the health care industry, but focuses on providing facilities and equipment, including health care, as well as related logistics services. UPS is now a total of 36 health care facilities in the world, with a total area of over 500 thousand square meters. Click to view the original topics for pharmaceutical i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes logistics center approval should be carried out by the government, the local government can not let the blind!
Cheap Hardaway V Shoes Men From China 3 to 5 years will be a problem. How to survive is a core issue! Click to view original gossip of the commercial competition has changed from the traditional talent, products, customers, and funding competition ability to integrate resources, whose ability to integrate resources, who can live very well. Click to view original gossip do work friends and doing business between friends from the concept is very close, but we have to do is to enhance the latter and the former maintenance. Click to view original Zatan recently, in micro Bo see Sichuan Province food and drug supervision and Management Bureau recently issued a notice, requirements of new startup pharmaceutical retail enterprises as legal persons or enterprises should be responsible for the licensed pharmacists. I think this provision is not necessary, practicing pharmacists
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