to what network App team from the daily work

1, to what network App team from the daily work, life in refining people’s thinking, the depth of understanding, to dig people’s behavior, behavior habits. In this section, the concept of frequent and chaotic miscellaneous ridicule of the Internet world, devote themselves to the development of products, products of each channel regardless of from the concept, function, or the details than the vertical industry products but also elegant and engineering quantity huge! Across the three years, countless revision, three years of grinding sword. From the initial one dream to the product landed, from 0 to 1 of the difficulty of breaking the difficulty is conceivable. two, to what network concept and introduction want to do what the people of the world to create a comfortable, efficient, economical way to work, life! What would you like? Come what! What? What is there! Let all business activities step into the mobile Internet era! Let the need to accurately match the global range! in the work, in the life of any demand unit procurement, personal shopping, life services, emergency rescue, logistics, recruitment, housing, etc. as long as the issue to what network, the information will be pushed to the
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes White Black Redcorresponding supplier, service providers. So quickly get a number of es, online chat, select the business, forming an order, online payment. third party security! to share the economic model! Grilled to live, why go to the car, and illegal, and bitter! As long as the registered merchant account and through personal business name authentication, integrity management of your goods, services, labor. All walks of life can go to parttime, to start a business, the hands of the resources can be shared, and by the way to make money! After purchase, shopping will have different levels of dealer to you, even if the same unit, different business members give you the price will be different; live in hotels, buy tickets are the agreement price a large number of people and units in the hands of the agreement price! Logistics companies, freight units out of the bus, soso near the logistics demand, you can then live! three, industry status and analysis Ma said today Alibaba’s success is his fifteen years of thought, good layout, there seems to be some nonsense. When he can think of the best 1688, Taobao, Alipay should have no concept! p time today, the Internet industry if there is no longterm strategic vision is very difficult to walk far, walk. Be sure to think about 10 years later things, only to future economic pre judgment, assumptions, and clearly go on like this society be like, should do something. Only in this way can have the opportunity. Uber and the success of it? No! It’s just a temporary success! Aside so many legal and policy risks do not say, self driving cars already developed estimated fifteen years later will spread, commercial may earlier, that is in principle Uber and drops of only 15 years of life, unless there is a huge resource transformation, but easier said than done! After ten years of buying the industry to burn the money, the same is also facing a transition O2O. four, to what network vision planning is now playing your greatest imagination, poor

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