to encourage people to occupy or occupy less land

Original title: private yacht club price rising sea and the sea yesterday, Beijing Changqing garden. The deceased’s ashes were buried in the ground under the name of Hibiscus, hibiscus tree, each will have a corresponding number. Yesterday, Beijing Changqing Garden, the deep buried area of ashes, filled with offerings. Qingdao is a luxury yacht club claimed that launched a burial at sea, the maximum fee of 90 thousand yuan. Figure / Yacht Club website on the eve of the festival, the Beijing News United big Yan network for the funeral of
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men Beijing, Tianjin and three people to do an online questionnaire survey, more than 10 thousand Internet users to participate. The results show that three of the public funeral concept is still dominated by tradition, most people do not understand the ecological burial. Beijing News reporter visited found that in Beijing, tree burial, funeral flowers, grass and other forms of rich ecological burial burial. Higher awareness of burial at sea, even some private companies and yacht club also launched a burial at sea business, a luxury yacht ashes scattered sea fees amounted to 9 million yuan. Tang Jun, Secretary of the China Academy of Social Sciences, social policy research center secretary general said that the funeral is to express respect and missing relatives how buried
Blake Griffin Shoes Men just problem, traditional notions of what a funeral for a long time, change needs time. Experts pointed out that the
Blake Griffin Shoes Women private business is buried at sea is the market, consideri
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Black Purpleng the safety management departments still need guidance and norms. "Not a standard ecological burial" is a misunderstanding of family members buried, tree burial, burial at sea, deep buried…… For saving resources and protecting the environment, end the Ministry of civil affairs, national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other 9 ministries jointly issued "on the implementation of ecological burial section guidance" to encourage people to occupy or occupy less land, less consumption of resources buried remains or ashes. However, many people worry about the standard of ecological burial is not uniform, I do not know how to choose. Such as tree burial, funeral flowers, will direct ashes scattered under the tree under the flower, or the cinerary casket is placed under the tree flowers, all cemeteries are not the same. Qingming Eve, the Beijing News reporter contact Beijing municipal, belonged to ten home cemetery, in the six ecological burial cemetery, Badaling people’s cemetery and Changan garden ashes forest are flower burial and tree burial in two forms, Prince Yu cemetery is tree burial and lawn burial, evergreen garden tree burial and ashes buried. At the same time, there are ecological cemetery cemetery, the way is not the same, some of the ashes buried directly, and some are with the urn. For example, nine male mountain the Great Wall Memorial forest and Prince Yu tree burial urn cemetery is buried under a tree. Badaling people’s cemetery and Changan Park ashes are buried directly under the tree ashes. Evergreen tree burial of ashes Park forest base is will be the ashes fell in a homemade clay jar, a tree buried deep a clay jars, around the tree stone engraved names, only numbers. In addition, for funeral flowers. Think of the Pro Park, people Badaling cemetery, Changan garden, Badaling cemetery etc. flower burial form ecological burial, are no ashes, ashes buried. March 29 in the afternoon, Fengtai District, think the Pro Park cemetery gates on the left hand side, along the wall to a new arc flower beds, about 100 meters long, flower bed every few meters have a poles, each of two meters high, a total of 12. One of the pillars has been inscribed with a name. According to think Pro Park staff introduction, this section of the park is used to spend a flower of the location of the flower, the flower was buried in March was planned, the price of 6000 yuan, currently sold a. Department of the people of Beijing