Tiger console and bully machine learning the successful experience tells us that cottage success and failure

Tiger console and bully machine learning the successful experience tells us that cottage success and failure, the key is not in the price is not lower, but in the can cannot give me a in addition to the price and are willing to buy the reason. The p If is not unique to China, you will certainly have the letter; but if in the field of protection of intellectual property rights has been very high profile in the United States. In the 1990s is the most popular game produced machine is actually mountain fastness goods, not only is the high imitation of Japanese goods, and sales more than once original goods, will you believe it? so thing actually happened. The company named Electronics Tiger, which created a miracle, is a tiger. In 1995, Tiger Electronics according to the then very popular Nintendo handheld Gameboy copycat a tiger handheld, priced at less than $20. When the host Gameboy is priced at $60, $30. It can be said that the tiger to take the standard of the standard cottage cheap competition strategy. First talk abou
Kids Lebron James 10 Shoes Black Dim Gray White Smoket the results, according to statistics, in the stage of the most fiery, almost every convenience store can buy a variety of packaging and all subjects of tiger handheld, this kind of cheap products in North America sales once more than the game boy. And this result, certainly let a lot of later cottage mobile phone are feeling, how do people do it? Never,
http://www.scdaxuesheng.com/news/html/?61741.html of course, is only the author estimates, Tiger Electronics to escape the French Open in intellectual property, is important one of the reasons is it can only be regarded as a pseudo cottage, but the technique is extremely poor. Tiger console there is no technical content, level of equipment and even the whole or Nintendo ten years ago eliminated, blackandwhite screen also fills, above can be displayed on the game screen is really appalling, probably just stay in 1980, Nintendo released the game amp; amp; watch levels: pixel level of the villain, simple to the extreme of the line, now the players need to give full play to the imagination to brain supplement into a game. but in the 90’s of last century, Tiger is not only popular in the North American market, but also have good sales in Chinese. Once a popular in 80 children in the hands of all kinds of strange game console, of which is one part of a tiger handheld, and part is product of domestic small workshop But at that time, the majority of people on the brand awareness is not strong, so there is no deep memory. is such a company called the copycat is flattering the PSP, why can succeed? Game rich, low price is a reason. Tiger handheld almost include all types of games on the market at that time the popular, such as dodge ball, racing, fighting, shooting, role play, although game quality is poor, but also rich variety.

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