these people are bound to a senior age has gradually enjoy such article

Industry dynamic bid farewell to the Concord Hospital emergency department female Superman Orioles, ushered in the original Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, vice president of the Miao Xiaohui, because at Nike Air Max Sale For kids the end of last year resolutely out of the system the freedom to practice micro Bo celebrity Zhang Qiang, the doctor decided here as the second place of practice leaving the industry, there are nearly half a year, Shanghai International Medical Center of talent list stars shine. I buy Nike air foamposite one The Rao is such, in the Shanghai International Medical Center hosted the first doctors’ leaders and opinion leaders Salon, the chief executive officer CEO Xin Shulin still was questioning about the talent pool in addition to Shanghai I like Nike foamposite one Jiaotong University Department’s under 12 public hospitals support, Shanghai International Medical Center can recruit enough talents? Physicians more practice policies to resolve the urgent needs. However, the current Shanghai ward medical center chief vascular specialists of Zhang Qiang bluntly said that he is not optimistic about the untouched I love Nike air foamposite pro institutional change more practice and future direction or the freedom to practice. Needless to say, Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men the development
Jeremy Lin Shoes Men Online Sale of highend medical most needed the top medical personnel, perhaps it is most reluctant to leave the system group. The fundamental solution to this problem, but not the deepening of health care reform. Mismatch between supply and demand, more and more
Mens Dwyane Wade II Dark Gray White doctors to flee the public hospital, is an indisputable fact. Only 2011 a I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women year, a public hospital in Shanghai has 20 doctors to resign, Beijing Xiehe Hospital Internal Medicine Department was within a year there are 10 doctors to resign. In 2012, the doctor in charge of the Department of internal medicine, the, Zhu Yan and the famous cardiovascular experts Hu Dayi’s running away has become a major event in
Jeremy Lin Shoes Online Sale the medical community. By the end of 2012 and a wellknown vascular surgery experts Zhang Qiang doctor out of the system, in June this year, the resignation of the Ying ying. The reason they fled the public hospital, far from the simple temptation of high pay, but increasingly see the drawbacks of the system. Orioles said the large hospital carrier style, will eventually help doctors especially emergency department doctors to become cannon fodder.
Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Online Sale Similar union such a top three hospital overcrowding behind is the primary health care system, weakness and atrophy, in the treatment of patients with inverted pyramid structure can not be reversed. While the opposition is too attached importance to the evaluation system of SCI papers, but also in the doctor counterparts in many resonance. First she left the union colleagues Zhuyan readme prefer to see patients, however the public health care system, status of doctors depend not only on medical technology service depends on position in the academic circle, Zhu crag feel these More doctors to reflect, public hospitals to put a lot of energy for the income and open medicine, to cope with the doctorpatient disputes, and can not fully consider how to treat. In Beijing first aid center of emergency and CCU CCU 10 years Zhang Xiaodong, from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the top three hospitals in Shanghai left join Ma Lei Zhu Yan team, have reluctantly handed in his resignation. But needless to say, these young doctors have run away and highend medical personnel demand does not fully match. Due to the mismatch of medical resources and the resulting patients unable to shunt, medical technology the most exquisite doctor has always focused in three hospitals; and because of the public health care system internal management system and evaluation criteria, these people are bound to a senior age has gradually enjoy such article