there were about 10 men in the apartment hallway

Youth online, Beijing, March 24th (Xinhua) (Intern Shen Sijie China · youth; youth; online reporter Fei Lujie Wu Qiaoping) until the administrative litigation results. Her own company, the Public Security Bureau of Luohe province Henan City Bridge Branch prosecutors, police, in 2014 incorrect conflict in December March 15th this year, the first instance court of the police must be lost. The police discount lebron james website refused to accept the verdict. The apartment on the demolition of contradictions and disputes, the second day of the conflict, Wu Qiaoping in
Lebron James Soldier 6 Men Luohe City, the crying play experience. The apartment Wu Qiaoping caused by the demolition of demolition is triumph of Luohe Property Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the legal representative of the company). In February 2014, they invested 260 yuan, Luohe City People’s road, 4 people called the triumph apartment, more than 12 companies, more than 50 households have been resolved. Then, tell them to another company, i like lebron james 2016 apartment property to them all, require the company to leave the triumph. Wu Qiaoping told reporters that the company holds a real estate license, land certificate. In other words, from a legal point of view, the victory of the apartment is another company to own property. Wu Qiaoping said they received the company’s deadline to move away from i like air jordan shoes men the notice, but did not complete the cooperation of the apartment tenants. December 28, 2014, 29 years old, the demolition of the apartment because of conflict. December 28th 9 hours 20 minutes of surveillance video display, a yellow car appeared in the vicinity of the apartment, an apartment staff trying to stop. Then, about 10 people close to the staff, someone picked up a brick smashed into the staff. Take away, employees are taken away, check to continue mining i love cheap jordans wholesale operations. Since then, a female employee is standing on the hook, discount kids air jordan shoes while using a knife, she said in an interview with the television station, he is the 2015 to force each other, forcing them not to go". On the second day of the surveillance video, there were about 10 men in the apartment hallway, while walking along the side of the glass with the sticks. The above 2 days of surveillance video shows that the victory of the surrounding apartments are in ruins. At present, the apartment has been removed, Luohe City Land Resources Bureau, 79623.46 square meters of land, the price of 179 million 160 thousand yuan, the transaction price, the February 18, 2016 deadline. Triumph apartment. Wu Qiaoping told China Youth Daily? In the
Blake Griffin Shoes conflict of youth online journalists, the company reported 3 police victory. She said, the police in December 28th in accordance with the statutory procedures for on-site processing, control, protection, in December 29th, the police. She began to petition, the company also sued in September 2015
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men Luohe City Public Security Bureau Branch bridge. Complaint handling opinions show, April 20, 2015, dealt with the views of the Department to determine overpass bridges Bureau received a report immediately after the alarm, 10 minutes arrived at the scene, firmly in control of the i love jordan nubuck men situation soon, in order to prevent the situation from further expansion and objective case justice. Prior to this, Wu Qiaoping of the Luohe Municipal Committee of the twelfth plenary session of the sixth complaint materials conference, the scene crying. police office