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then flowersHref= 2015 in June 16 on the evening of 7 points, the Department of foreign languages in the academic report hall held a The Expendables 2015 annual graduation ceremony and concert. p Zhongshan University south college secretary ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA of the Party committee, president Shi You Yu Professor, Professor, Vice Dean of Xiang, director: Professor, Department of foreign languages, Tianjin Foreign Studies University, students, Professor Tian Hailong, Poon Kai Ming, director of the Teaching Professor, Department of foreign languages, Department of foreign languages Ding Xiarong Professor, foreign department of science industry and trade office director Liu Langying teacher, Department of foreign languages of general Party branch deputy secretary of Mechanical Mod and RDA Si Wei Ma teacher, Department of foreign languages of the League branch secretary Cai Cong teacher, the office of the foreign languages department Li Xin teacher, Zhongshan University Hu Anqi Dr, and my other teachers, counselors attended the the party. The two part this evening by the 2015 graduation ceremony and Graduation Concert Disposable e cigarette theme knot. graduation ceremony, a warm graduation ceremony to Hot E Cig kits promot
e the video so that the presence of the graduates of the past in the south of the memorable time. Clips of songs and videos make the graduates feel a lot. After that, the middle of the South vice president Huang Jingbo, Professor of speech, and hope that the graduates can do two look. Look forward,
in the new stage to study hard to continue to struggle, with the normal
state of mind to look at the ups and downs of life. Looking back, I hope that the graduates can be used for the four year of the South School of Thanksgiving, thank you for the cultivation of the south. Director: Professor, Department of foreign languages and literature, speech, about ten years Shuren, tell the director Ding this decade to in the Foreign Languages Department of feelings, welcomed by the students. Foreign Language Department of the teaching director Pan Qiming to express the wishes of
the graduates, I hope that they can remember the south school can remember in foreign language learning for four years, and would like to live more beautiful. Foreign Language Department of science and technology office director Liu Langying E-CIG CHINA teacher with concise statement and graduate with four years of college life, tells the big
things are so clear, expressed as a 11 degree counselors for the 11 graduates of the E-CIGARETTE CHINA situation. After listening to the teacher’s heartfelt words, outstanding graduates on behalf of the Yang Yang to speak, he represented all the graduates thank the Southern Institute of cultivation, and bless the graduates to have a bright future. after the speech, the host read outstanding graduates, vice president Huang Jingbo professor of outstanding graduates awards ceremony. Then, Professor Ding Xiarong and Professor Pan Qiming for the examination of graduate students awards. In addition, to thank the outstanding graduates who have made great contributions in the foreign languages department, Professor Ding Xiarong awarded them a special contribution award.