the stock market out of a wave of rebound trend

Recently, the stock market out of a wave of rebound trend. In particular, Mechanical Mod and RDA in August 10th, the Shanghai Composite Index rose
184 points, or two, 300 cities more than 4.92% stocks daily limit. Market prices to see the market to see the success of the rescue of the hope that the public opinion will also sing a number of goals in the 4500 points, 4600 E-CIG CHINA points. if the stock market can just walk out of predicament, which is of course management and the majority of investors expect. But the socalled future is bright, the road is tortuous. The way out of the predicament is obviously not flat. Although from the perspective of the stock market liquidity, the current bailout has achieved initial success, but from the point of view to boost investor confidence, the market has not achieved the desired goal. The current investor confidence is still fragile, but also can not get rid of the dependence on the market as well as the dependence on the national team. In the face of bad, investors still like a badly frightened person. Listing
Corporation as the stock market development of the beneficiaries, maintenance of market stability is its bounden duties and obligations. Also because of this, in July 9th this year, the Commission issued a notice to the listing Corporation to develop including but not limited to the major shareholders holdings, Dong Jiangao holdings, the company’s repurchase shares, employee stock
ownership plan, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA equity incentive and other maintenance
company’s share price, which is the five election of a party case. From public disclosure of information, as of last weekend August 7th, there are more than 1100 listing Corporation in accordance with the requirements of the five election a stable share price measures, these companies accounted for about 40% of A shares of listing Corporation. br the data show that there are still the majority of the company and not according to the requirements of the securities and Futures Commission launched the corresponding measures to maintain the stability of the company’s stock price. Therefore, E-CIGARETTE CHINA in the current and Hot E Cig kits the next stage of maintenance of stability, these companies also need to respond to the call of the SFC, to fulfill their duties and obligations of the stock market stability. Summary of some of the problems exposed by the listing Corporation in the early stage of the stability of the listing Corporation, as the Disposable e cigarette introduction of the stability of the plan, do not become a part of the stock market stability and maintenance program. br in the pre listed company issued Weiwen scheme or has been implemented measures to safeguard stability, the pull of dimensional stability hind leg measures and programs appeared. For example, some listed company executives holdings, to increase its number of only 100 shares or 300 shares, this is really in navilla steady joking, spoof stock market dimensional stability. Another example, some listing Corporation launched a repurchase program, but
the repurchase price is far lower.