the stock market is not a bird Why become a myth

the stock Mechanical Mod and RDA market E-CIGARETTE CHINA is not a bird Why become a myth? recently, the RMB devaluation of the incident caused a high degree of concern in the community. However, at the same time, as the 12 this month, the resumption of trading in the GCL integration, also has been highly concerned about the market. the reason that hand in GCL integration is the predecessor of the early controversial listed company ultra day sun; and on the other hand is the stock to resume trading on the first day has a record 9 times the myth of skyrocketing, shook the whole securities market. As of August 12 closing, GCL integrated price reported close at 13.25 yuan, compared with before the resumption of the 1.22 yuan rose sharply 12.03 yuan, or up to 986.07%. in fact, the ultra day sun renamed before this a listing Corporation, for ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the old shareholders, not strange. However, before its official name, the company has been on the verge of bankruptcy liquidation. However, people are confused, for a listed company for only 4 years, but in a short period of time to complete from Hot E Cig kits the listing to the loss, and then to ST, and
then to suspend the listing of the embarrassing situation. At the same time, ultra day sun in the market less than three years,
has been the investigation of relevant departments. Thus, it is a listing Corporation however, for the A shares market, this is not a major news. However, once the ultra day sun, but
for one thing, caused a nationwide
sensation. ; a few years ago, ultra day sun released 11 super day debt appeared in a rare breach of the storm. However, the event of this event, but also after the trust and the trust of the trust in the event of a serious breach of contract. However, it is different from the limited breach of trust in China, but it belongs to a substantial breach of contract, which also broke the rigid payment myth in the history of China’s bonds, and then to a certain extent, triggered turmoil in the bond market. apparently, Every cloud has a silver lining. this sentence is fully reflected in the ultra day sun body. With the GCL group led by recombinant, final super sun also successfully for another name and changed its name to integrating with the GCL. Today, with the GCL integration successful resumption of trading, but in reality it in a certain extent, indicates that stock market myth of the Phoenix once again to
continue. in fact, look at the past history, for those losses and even on the verge of delisting of the listing Corporation, at the critical moment, there will be a mysterious force to get rid of the dilemma. Among them, the most common form is the local initiative Disposable e cigarette and the listing Corporation to help themselves, etc previously, for example, the local financial subsidies through various channels of listing Corporation has become a normal phenomenon. E-CIG CHINA At the same time, the local will frequently adopted preferential tax relief, interest expense and other means to save the loss companies.