the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city tiaokonggaokai market

p today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city tiaokonggaokai market, coal, iron and steel, oil rose among the biggest gainers, shipping, aviation, nonferrous metal, dragged down the market opened low; after 10 o’clock Chonggao market down by wave shock downlink, the stock index to explore the lowest 2851.73 point, before midday rebound; cutoff afternoon closing stock index closed at 2872.42, down 8.06, clinch a deal 935.7 billion yuan; market in the afternoon, the two cities by shock wave higher and 2 after Chonggao market down,
Amare Stoudemire Shoes Men Wholesale trading higher again; as of the close, the Shanghai index closed at 2916.56, rose 36.08 points, all day turnover 1700.6 billion yuan.
Amare Stoudemire Shoes Wholesale news side look: 1, i like lebron james 2014 Li Yuanchao: China has no intention to let the devaluation of the RMB will take care of the interests of the stock market. 2, Li Ke. Strong: to resolve the excess capacity to take the lead from the iron and steel, coal industry. 3, Fang Xinghai said the fuse is not i like air jordan shoes men suitable for A shares to reduce intervention or i love cheap jordans wholesale show the market, the city’s confidence. 4, the central bank 6 days of the release of funds 870 billion yuan, the scale of more than 0.5 percentage points lower. 5, the Ministry of Commerce: 2015 consumer goods market size of the first break 30 trillion yuan. di
Mens Amare Stoudemire Shoes Navy Blue  Orangesk: 1, stock index rebounded bottom closing off today by a small Yang Doji line, Anhui daily turnover yesterday atrophy. 2, a shares rose more or less the letter; two city stock trading in early trading 14 expanded to 60, limit stocks in early trading 14 reduced to 13, fell more than 5% of the stocks in early discount lebron james website trading 95 only reduced to 40. 3, the Shanghai index 30 minutes MACD indicator green column shortened, KDJ index up. 60 minutes running red column MACD stock market index KDJ indicator MACD on elongation. 4, the daily MACD index green column shortened, KDJ index uplink. Through this week, disk, the gem index although rushed down, but
Charles Barkley Shoes Wholesale Zhou K line after Lianyin closed stabilized small candle; daily technical indicators indicating the shortterm rebound is expected to continue. discount kids air jordan shoes Next week, the key is to return to the 5 day moving average, the two is a breakthrough volume hit a new high of 2249 points. Weight stocks rose across the board on Friday, coal, nonferrous stocks rose. Through this week of the industry sector, a, small board GEM stocks tend to differentiate; overvalued value stocks and suspension and resumption of a shares to become the heavy disaster area Shadie. Two, the weight of blue chip plate technical indicators in the relatively low, banks, brokerage, insurance and other sectors of the valuation has been approaching the lowest level of history; 34 stocks fell below the net assets. Three, coal, steel, banking, the reform of stateowned enterprises, The Belt and Road and other frequent mysterious funds to support the national team admission probability. In summary, warriors, at present, investors should adhere to the re up when the potential, fell heavy concept, gradually bargain hunting wrong to kill quality underestimate the value of stocks, every high throw low growth of the high valuation of shares subject. market, i love jordan nubuck men the stock index closed out the triple yin kweek end to the week candle. And through since the start of the market performance, warriors drew investors pay attention to three points: A, Shanghai refers to self 3684 kill fell to 2844 points, shortterm decline up to 23%; while the volume is Diego low innovation, Friday is the only 1700 billion yuan; oversold extreme shrinking = market are relatively strong Technology