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Personal information disclosure is not a new topic, while sales calls and spam are often seen. However, do you see the behavior of buying and selling children’s information?
Kobe Bryant Shoes Only spend 32000 yuan, you can buy about 200000 1-5 years old infants and young children in Ji’nan City, customers can also choose to buy which area. Even more frightening is that, in addition to the child’s name, the parents of the phone, the child’s information, and even the number of each family is accurate. Information: 80000, the lowest price 21000 yuan, "you are Hu’s parents?" 5 in the morning, Mr. Liu once again received such a phone, more than half a year, she has never heard a lot of times the phone, asked her whether it is Hu’s parents, each is different from the training institutions or units. "Let Ms. Liu feel confused, although she has children, but not called Hu Yao. This several times received a phone call, Ms. Liu asked where they get contact information, the answer is generally the cooperation between the various training institutions, mutual exchange of information." I think these training institutions should be the way to buy information, but my phone number is wrong, the registration inform
Mens Kobe Bryant 5 Shoes 151110089ation, in addition, buy air max shoes online Liu also received some information, and can accurately tell her child’s name. There is a time intensive, almost every day I send text messages to me, is the location of the child, the teacher. "Therefore, in addition to the teacher Liu is not to speak, not the parents of Hu Yao, the information is not fair to you? Fifth, the reporter found a search on the Internet, and even online people have publicly said that their own hands is the baby’s capital, the Internet or leave your number. Reporters then to the "swimming pool" as the reason to buy
Merrell Shoes the baby’s information, and the seller. When a reporter said he wanted to buy Huaiyin and 1-5 year old baby information center Ji’nan District, on the other hand, 1-5 baby said, in Ji’nan City, buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online there are more than 20 million packs of 32000 yuan. If only these 2 areas, the total number of about 80000, the lowest 21000 yuan. Seller: from the "vaccine" information, so the information of the trader "is it true? Where did the telephone number come from? Isn’t it?" When i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes a reporter asked, the other replied: "a vaccine, you can not give you specific, you know the illegal hair (Law)." In the payment, the other party refused buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online to accept the Alipay deal. The other side said, in the face of the reporter’s request, in line with the requirements of the transaction, contrary to the British law i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes (ACT), rather than on i like air max shoes the phone to meet. I am a civil servant, not for the money to bear the risk, in my life was destroyed. When a reporter asked: "in my office there are more people in the afternoon,
Lebron James Shoes the reporter said that the price is acceptable, the reporter in the form of shooting, including seven journalists test accuracy. This is from the Huaiyin area, as well as the child’s name, age, sex, father’s name and their parents. The most terrible thing is that these children’s home address is accurate user. Reporters then call the child.