The promise of money: using technology to adjust shortterm

The promise of money: using technology to adjust shortterm, profit is considerable technical adjustments is caused by three forces: a part of a floating trader’s profit as profit positions, technical buying or selling the city, under pressure from the opposite direction; second is part of a floating loss traders take average price tactics, and dead code, the trend of twists and turns, some people think that amp; this wave has been almost amp; implement short swift thrusts, of price have an impact. Technical adjustments to give us a chance to take a short walk, usually such a adjustment, is equal to the previous period of an increase or a decrease of thirty percent to fifty percent. Grasp, profit is considerable. The emergence of a technical adjustment is also a signal to be found. Such as in the upward trend in, pull out the red line for three consecutive days, but a root than a short, or declining day by day; or even rose after many days, a high voltage switchgear lowincome, pulled out a root on the shadow of the black line, these are generally signal that the rally will be adjusted. In turn, in the potential reduction, pull out the black line for three consecutive days, but a root than a short, diminishing daily decline; or even fell after many days, a low opened higher, pulled out a root have under the shadow of the red line,
Men Lebron James 10 Elite Red Grass Greenthese are signs of decline will rebound. While upward adjustment when short, or seize the decline to rebound when bulls. Conform to shun the principle of city walk. Even in the previous stage has caught the gains or losses in the opportunity, while the adjustment Bureau antigovernment or counter purchase, it can really achieve the amp; both picking watermelons and pick up the Sesame amp; the most ideal realm. Use of technical adjustment for the sale can only do shortterm, absolutely can not be too greedy, in general, to adjust the magnitude of up to fifty percent, it will be when it is over. Because even if it is the average price of tactical the use of the user, to the price, and the board, they will quickly open the exit. You are too greedy, the market a turn around to return to the big direction, it becomes greedy sesame and watermelon. Both gains or decline in the process of technical adjustments, doesn’t mean direction of change, adjustments, the basic factors does not change, market sentiment in the strategy has not changed, trend chart on the whole does not change, the adjustment is temporary. Fist to the next, is to go forward more vigorously. This is our use of technology to adjust the shortterm operation should be clearly remembered. Not only does not rise or fall of the city, but also not only fell short of the city. Alternating ups and downs is the basic law of the market trend. But there are two kinds of different properties of the evolution of price reversal: A is the direction of change, the gains change as the big downtrend or big losses into gains. This shift, usually with biparietal or the double bottom and ceiling three times or three times in the end, the head and shoulder or overturn shoulder at the end of, big dome or great circle at the bottom of the form as a symbol, belonging to a big move, generally need to three weeks to a month and a half or so time to nurture. The other is a technical adjustment, that is, the emergence of a small drop in the rose or fell in a small rise. 6

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