the patient tried to cut his wrist with a fruit knife to commit suicide

Life in the face of challenges, or even when it is about to wither, still can with a smile and dignity, still can be irradiated into a meter of sunshine…… This, perhaps the best interpretation of the responsibilities of the nurse
Nike All Stars Shoes industry and value. In Shanghai only AIDS patients admitted i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes to hospitals, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center AIDS ward nurse long — Charlie Jun, in others shunned AIDS area, with a candle like selfless dedication, Yigan is 25 years. From general nurses to ward nurse, to concurrently infected families nurse, with persistence and love to pass the compassion and tenderness, practicing a commitment for life. What kind of strength to support this persistent stick? Charlie Jun always smile speak Trudeau’s words — "sometimes to heal; often, to help always comfort." Love does not always mean that love also means full of tender feelings, a risk taker and courage. In the AIDS room, even more so. Charlie Jun work ward, is a not for AIDS patients to say "no". 25 buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online years, the number of AIDS patients hospitalized from less to more, illness lighter to weight, different age, different gender, requirements are different, complicated. However, whether it is infected with HIV or suffering from AIDS, not only are they physically by the disease raged, psychologi
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Grey Blackcal pain more unspeakable. Mental and physical double suffering caused by anxiety, fear, hopelessness, even manic so that they will often to doctors and nurses temper tantrums, refused to cooperate with, often try to commit suicide. Charlie Jun with years of experience, professional attitude, acquired a very keen sense of smell: whenever there is emotional fluctuations of patients admitted to, discover she is always the first time, and through daily care nuanced, timely and effective measures to prevent the tragedy. In November 2010, a patient with advanced AIDS was treated in the ward. Because the patient is infected with HIV through the blood way, so his heart is full of resentment, mental distortions. Plus know oneself has not regarded as hopeless. treatment with extreme. He will be desperate, helpless and even anger, altogether to vent in the medical personnel who. i like air max shoes He tore down the furniture in the room, and saw that the man was going to smash it, screaming, "why?! With what?!" Faced
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes with this situation, Charlie Jun calm, risk is in patients with blunt trauma, infection, wear protective clothing and darted into the ward, with a gentle but firm words, discouraging, to reassure the patient. A few days down, the mood is finally stable manic patients. When all the people were relieved that Cha buy air max shoes online Lijun did not Everything will be fine. time, relax and pay special attention to. She told the night shift nurse, must strengthen the patient’s observation and nursing. At two o’clock in the evening, the patient tried to cut his wrist with a fruit knife to commit suicide, the nurses were closely observed in a timely manner to stop. Afterwards, Charlie Jun in-depth understanding, when he learned that the patient is due to poor i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes economic conditions intended to commit suicide, he managed buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online to him for treatment of the cost reduction and lead whole sections of the doctors and nurses donated money and materials to him and at the time of his birthday, send long noodles, like family as his birthday… Family like care, let patients finally dispel the negative pessimistic thought, began
Scotty Pippin Shoes to actively cooperate with the treatment. In the ward, Charlie Jun is reluctant to those who want to commit suicide, in the face of Wu