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Original title: Hubei retired officials in their hometowns poverty alleviation nineteen years to help farmers income of 5.1 billion yuan (Figure) in Yichang, Hubei
Blake Griffin Shoes Province, March 22 (gold guiman Yandong Wuxuan) in Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County retired cadres Luo is the curator of the life is very busy, he did not in the city enjoy a relaxed, carefree life, but his wife above sea level in the Niu Jia Zhuang 1700 meters, rooted in the in a piece called "Yichang", in the wilderness of Tibet
Lebron James Soldier 6 Men for 19 years, resulted in more than 1500 households in the development of pillar industries, 500 million to 10 million yuan of the total income. 79 year old director Luo, who has 60 years of the status of the party, more than 1700 meters above sea level in 13 years of leadership "village". That year, he led the masses splitting Mountains Road, "delimit Hanchuan repair station, to create the province’s famous" Niu Zhuang spirit, won the title of Hubei i love jordan nubuck men Province model worker. 1997, he retired from the county deputy director of the five peak position, in those years, we have solved the bag of food, never solve the villagers of the money bag. People are full, "for many years, the curator is always aware of the villagers" owe ", do not let the money in the wallet of the villagers, and do not close your eyes. After retirement, director Luo County house, decided to go home, live in a wooden house, concept, and guide farmers to change the technology market, structural adjustment, try 10 kinds of herbs, vegetables and tobacco. i like lebron james 2016 After the promotion, and eventually formed the three pillars of the tobacco industry, herbs, vegetables. Nine Li Ping village farmer Yang Xuchao three brothers, life is a round straw house, wear a pair of shoes. discount kids air jordan shoes At the beginning of 1999, director Luo mobilized them to help Tenma, 3000 yuan of loans, and provide free technical guidance and some species. That year, the three brothers and 10 thousand yuan of net profit, the villa to replace 7 watts. 8 years later, a new house was built by Yang Xuchao, also bought a TV, refrigerator, solar water heater, etc.. According to statistics, 19 years, more than 1500 farmers, tobacco processing, medicinal herbs, vegetables, the total income of 510 million yuan. Niu Zhuang Xiang former deputy mayor Li
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men Sida said: "the people’s pockets bulging, the oldest". Rhizoma chinensis is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. In order to overcome the sexual reproduction of the Shanxi, the director of the Shaanxi, Luo led the villagers to participate in the experimental study of leadership in the. This is a kind of material, such as wood twisted, his fingers are cut off. However, he only in the hospital for 10 consecutive days to run home, continue to cultivate bacteria. After 100 tests, he finally got the lead of the five failure of the gender replication technology. Compared with the traditional training method, the new technology not only saves 1 times of labor time and labor time, but also solves the problem of degradation. After the promotion, 19 years ago from the township, 220 square meters to 1 million 680 thousand square meters, planted last year, the total income of 1 billion 800 million yuan. So far, their hometown, Luo curator climb Chuanyi i love cheap jordans wholesale aged people suffer all kinds of sickness and pain, discount lebron james website always in the villagers (poor) "hat back and forth. Niu Cun Zhu said: "Luo old hands like pine dermoid to help i like air jordan shoes men us eliminate poverty in mountainous area". (end) editor: Ni Zijian article key words: Retired Judge 5 chapter poverty