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Exercise mainland, frighten the DPP 20160126 introduction classified I love Nike air foamposite pro comments 0 in front of the presidential election in Taiwan, relentless, the Chinese Communist Party leader, as well as, propaganda media of the Democratic Progressive Party DPP took some apparent swipes, but stop not Democratic Progressive Party Cai Yingwen vote elected. Because of this election the crossstrait issue only a supporting role, voters are concerned is economic and livelihood issues, I hope substitutions do, while ignoring the Beijing very serious treatment of the Democratic Progressive Party ruling, if the base is Nike Air Max Sale For kids not firm, earth and the mountains shake. Perhaps voters have confidence in Cai Yingwen, that Cai Yingwen was elected, the two sides should find a way to continue the peaceful development of the two sides of the road. I buy Nike air foamposite one Today, Tsai ing Wen was elected Beijing to deliver on its threat, in Tsai ing Wen did not immediately recognize the 1992 consensus and to shake, in order to not dishonest in Taiwan, CCTV broadcast. View full text amp; amp; the Kuomintang to China 20160126 introduction classified in comments 0 DPP to China, some public organizations dubbed the name of China are being deleted, the Kuomintang in Yeli group of the outrageous be
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes Blue White Blacktrayal history. Today the KMT defeat, party review how to defeat chosen to stand up, but not from within the party fighting not unity to explore, Party members believe the KMT will Chinese Nationalist Party, the name to China KMT, think so
Blake Griffin Shoes Men Online Sale can be reborn to be reborn. In fact, the Chinese Kuomintang’s China on behalf of the Republic of China, the Republic of China still exist, the generation of the alternative can not be ignored the Republic of China. In this election, a Zhou Ziyu accidentally condensed blue and green, the common defense of the Republic of China and the. 20160125 9:53:40; Taiwan’s new weather classified in 0 comments at home and abroad attention, Taiwan presidential election, the I like Nike foamposite one DPP as expected Cai Yingwen to win, no surprise, but for Zhu Lilun Cai lose three million votes, this also let the Kuomintang fell badly, and set off a wave of resignation of the wind, by the party chairman Zhu Lilun, vice chairman Hao Longbin, Executive Yuan Long rule, the Kuomintang and the Macedonian government almost takes a leadership hollow phenomenon, has been officially declared after the advent of the era, the horse again hit prestige. The defeat of the KMT today apart, Ma YingJeou can not shirk its responsibility. In the face of the mess, Ma proposed by the Legislative Yuan majority cabinet. The Macedonian government unexpectedly is so unbearable, and even play well finally caretaker government ability are not. View full text amp; amp; Tsai’s ability 20160125 introduction classified I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women become Taiwan history since the first female president in the comments 0 Tsai. During the campaign, the Kuomintang and the blue camp who constantly threatening voters Tsai ing Wen, on behalf of the
Blake Griffin Shoes Women Online Sale war, Tsai ing Wen and Lee Teng Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men Hui, Chen Shuibian
Blake Griffin Shoes Fusion Jordan Men Online Sale related bandit shallow will lie flat route go. Blue camp this recruit apparently failed to convince voters, it does not affect her high vote. Actually aside like and dislike of political parties, in plain view to Tsai view, found that she is a stoic woman, has its attractions. Cai Yingwen is atypical of the DPP, she did not answer