the medical treatment is difficult to almost all of the common family face a headache

in China, the medical treatment is difficult to almost all of the common family face a headache. Especially traveled to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large and mediumsized cities in China slightly has the fame of the hospital, you will find registration is a very difficult thing, some people from afar come from overseas, ranked team for a couple of days may not hang in a number, managed to hang on a number, by the medical service is quite satisfactory. But for the Internet Co, this has let them find a new market pain point. p talking about the origin of the medical industry and the Internet, in fact, whether it is business platform or traditional pharmaceutical companies are already eyeing this piece of cake. But because of the particularity of drugs, drugs policy, online shopping and other factors, the pharmaceutical business has always not boarded the lobby. Even so, this is still not able to stop the trend of the Internet to change the traditional industry, the rise of O2O again let the Internet Co see new opportunities. Today, whether it is the Internet giant, or a rising star, have flocked to the medical O2O war, but who can really become the common people, see a doctor difficult, the salvat
Mens Nike Air Foamposite One Size US 14.15 Purple Greenion of the Lord? rookie rush medical O2O development to today, the emergence of a little good Venture Company, they have flocked to the medical industry in a way to make people more convenient to build a bridge. From the current overall development of mobile medical O2O Venture Company, Liu Kuang will be broadly divided into two categories: a class is a spring rain doctor, see a prescription, a good doctor, such as the establishment of a doctor and patients with the bridge of social O2O platform, this platform is very obvious advantages. its one, for doctors and patients to build a platform to communicate online, so that patients can be in advance to get a doctor’s advice, on the one hand can be more accurate and clear their own disease so as to better medical treatment, on the other hand can also save a lot of unnecessary trouble. second, this platform is very popular with private clinics and some want to be able to get a part time doctors welcome, so that they can use the Internet platform for more patients in the service also get a better income. third, the most important between the doctor and the patient is the trust, through the establishment of communication platform, can let the doctor and the patient can advance to build a foundation of trust. another class is to the interest of the medical network, such as the registration of the hospital and the patient to build the bridge of the bridge, the line to see a doctor O2O platform. This platform to cooperate directly with the hospital can first let patients have a sense of trust, through online to understand the symptoms, illness, registration, etc., and then to the hospital to see a doctor, but also eliminates the trouble of queuing. second, for patients, to be able to understand such a large number of hospital information on the Internet, the patient has a number of options, to allow themselves to choose the most suited to their own conditions of the hospital to see a doctor. Baidu, to be eager for a fight.

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