The Li East since the prime minister in two sessions this year will be the Internet and listed as a national strategic plan

The Li East since the prime minister in two sessions this year will be the Internet and listed as a national strategic plan, the Internet wave began to accelerate the traditional industry, cooperation between the traditional industry and Internet Co are also growing, and more indepth. In the traditional industries, the Internet is not just a new channel to act as a role, more and more began to become a traditional industry innovation development accelerator. and in the past, the most closely associated with the Internet is some of the entertainment services such as restaurants, movies, etc However, with the penetration of the Internet for the next line of entities, the Internet began to link with other more traditional entities, such as real estate industry. Internet banking has become a traditional real estate upgrade tool how to transform the Internet real estate, which is a recent one or two years, many media and journalists have explored the topic. In the real estate industry, which is to upgrade and transform it through the Internet? Obviously, in the process of building the house, the Internet is still far too busy to help, this is mainly to see the design, construction, materials, etc However, in the real estate business in the financing
Mens Hardaway III Shoes Black Blue and the process, the Internet is likely to give more help. For example, real estate developers can use the Internet to carry out the channels. This is clearly realized earlier, such as the housing network, Sohu Focus Network, etc. are to help the real estate business sales channels, the Internet is only playing the role of the media and channels, and did not go into the core business of real estate. and P2P and other Internet Banking after the new model, the Internet for the real estate industry’s upgrading seems to have just begun. Not long ago, the people’s livelihood easy loans, China Minsheng Banking real estate division jointly launched a real estate business called the people of the e housing Internet banking services. In this service, the real estate companies can first with Minsheng Bank’s e housing for financing, and the people of the housing investment users not only enjoy fixed 4.5% of the investment income, if the purchase of Minsheng Bank and Vanke cooperation projects, but also to give an additional 1% of the investment income, and can also enjoy more than other property buyers. clearly, such a new model, on the one hand makes the traditional real estate companies more financing channels and sales channels, on the other hand, allows users to get more return on investment and equity, while in real estate and consumer benefits, as the Internet banking platform for the livelihood of the people’s livelihood easy loan can also generate revenue. In this internet financial real estate innovation mode, the real estate business, investment platform and investment users buyers three party and winwin industry ecology. new model for the traditional real estate industry is what subversive? on the other hand, the emergence of this new model, it is bound to have a little subversive of the traditional real estate industry. This subversive is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: first, real estate companies financing channels of diversity

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