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Recently, the health of our forum invited, the cancer is chronic disease author, Shanghai University of traditional Chinese medicine, Professor, tutor, a famous TCM oncology experts Yumin Shen were large public lecture, and accepted the exclusive interview with this reporter. cancer will be like high blood pressure can be suppressed as well as traditional Chinese medicine, I think there is no need to a chronic disease such a concept. This concept does not have i love cheap jordans wholesale much significance. The key is to face an illness when how to treat is important. Although the cold is a minor illness common disease, but once the cold, uncomfortable degree is not forget the. 21.12.12 introduction i like lebron james 2014 39 blog Professor Ho, my husband in July had liver cancer, surgery, the effect is good, his attitude is very good, I implore you to lend a helping hand, to help him treat, prolong life. Company introduction 39 blog my dad smokes can be fierce, always can not quit, you have what good and convenient ways to quit smoking? 2012726 13:56:00 zhangli201104 Professor Ho, Hello, I am a patient of ovarian cancer 3, oar liquid papillary adenocarcinoma, 07 years in February made a full summary uterus, ovary, appendix, omentum cytoreductive surgery, i love jordan nubuck men postoperative c
Mens Air Jordan 11 New White And Blackhemotherapy 6 times is later in the chemotherapy, drug withdrawal CA125 index rose, chemotherapy drop quickly, so the repeated chemotherapy 22 times, has been off and eat medicine could not withstand chemotherapy in January this year to stop chemotherapy to eat traditional Chinese medicine, CA125 index control in 300, but recently discount kids air jordan shoes I think is due to mountain climbing, tired CA125 index Jiao Xuan jumped to 600, Professor Ho I am very tangled is to eat medicine, or to chemotherapy did increase the CT of a plurality of small aortic lymph node is very small not much, eat traditional Chinese medicine can fall index? Not long chemotherapy lesions, urge Professor Ho for advice, thank you 2011413 22: 09:37 blog: you 39 Chinese people’s livelihood Good! Recommended the use of traditional Chinese medicine. Chemotherapy can cause liver and kidney damage, with traditional Chinese medicine can relieve the
Air Jordan New Packing Shoes Wholesale injury; for ascites, western medicine mainly means is called albumin, regulation of water electrolyte, diuretic, pumping ascites, the effect is obvious, but it is easy to
Air Jordan 11 New Packing Men Wholesale repeat, combined with internal adjustment of the discount lebron james website traditional Chinese medicine i like air jordan shoes men combined with external application of treatment, the effect is better. If your father passable body, white blood cells compared to normal, chemotherapy sensitivity high, can accept the next course of chemotherapy, with traditional Chinese medicine is also very important.
Air Jordan 1 New Packing Men Wholesale 20101230 16:36:39 39 blog Professor Ho hello. Please save my father 53 years old this year, he is a teacher, had just been diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. In the hospital just to complete the total discharge of ascites. Once the intervention chemotherapy, and now the hospital to go back to the next chemotherapy. We want to eat some traditional Chinese medicine can be treated? 20101227 7:53:40 39: Hello! Can be combined with traditional Chinese medicine, on the one hand can enhance the effect of chemotherapy and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy; on the other hand can regulating the body’s overall state, improve immunity, to help cure 2