the Guanshengyuan September 3

1 , the Guanshengyuan September 3, 2001, in the Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes brisk season is approaching, CCTV famous column news 30 exposure of the Nanjing Guanshengyuan will be aged fillings stir fry to make cakes of scandal. The via reporter followed exactly one year after the launch of the thunder cover less than potential of the ear detonated in the history of the moon cake industry the most serious credibility crisis. p Chen ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA moon cake stuffing incident E-CIGARETTE CHINA was exposed, when enterprises Nanjing Guanshengyuan’s reaction, but surprisingly numb, in addition to perfunctory sentence moon cake Hot E Cig kits recycling is a kind of common phenomenon, did not take any E-CIG CHINA crisis management measures, but also to the media interview. In this case, the national media outrage, force of the incident tracking reports. Exposure intensity, the number of reported many, is also rare in the history of Chinese journalism, only Sina launched the Guanshengyuan moon event thematic collected more than 150 report. 9 April, Nanjing Guanshengyuan cakes finished and fillings library is health supervisi
on departments all sealed, enterprises were ordered to fully suspend production Disposable e cigarette for rectification. From the beginning of September 4, in the morning, local businesses emergency Guanshengyuan all kinds of moon cake products spread under the counter, and decided to stop selling Guanshengyuan cakes. Businesses have to request the manufacturers to return, foreign dealers have to return and sell orders. In October 15th,
the Nanjing Guanshengyuan suspension, foreign directors decided to dissolve the company. Founded in 1918, has devoted several generations of efforts of the old Nanjing Guanshengyuan crashing down. is still in a chain reaction. All over the country to Guanshengyuan in the name of the enterprises over 30 homes, though the respective marks are completely different, but as
the same brand
by For a time, consumers talk about the moon cake discoloration, moon cake production enterprises jittery, moon cake market meal in precarious. 2, hard to please p crisis, China Sugar bakery products industry association, an urgent intervention, issued a document on the moon cake industry do article analysis, in order to eliminate the adverse effects
of Nanjing Guanshengyuan Chen stuffing scandal to other enterprises. Ministry of health has issued an urgent notice, require all localities to severely punish illegal use of food and other food products, such as the use of more than the shelf life of food. The health administrative departments and quality supervision departments to immediately act, strengthen the supervision and inspection of food Mechanical Mod and RDA production and business units of moon cakes and other food production and management units, the fight against counterfeit and shoddy. Around the same industry manufacturers have played a variety of public relations. However, so many hundreds of little pr. The marketing industry is analyzed, which shows that in dealing with the public relations crisis and its implication