The government extended an olive branch

The government extended an olive branch, social capital will not respond Tan Haojun according to media reports, the national development and Reform Commission, 26, 1043 public release of the PPP project, with a total investment of about 1.97 yuan. National Development and Reform Commission official said, will encourage all kinds of social capital through franchising, government procurement services, equity cooperation and other ways to participate in the construction and operation. is reported that the release of the PPP project scope covers water conservancy facilities, municipal facilities, transportation facilities, public services, resources and environment, and other areas. All projects have clearly defined the location of the
project, the industry, construction content and scale, the government to participate in the way, to be used PPP model, the responsibility and contact E-CIGARETTE CHINA information, etc., social capital can be actively involved in the participation. national development and Reform Commission issued a total of thousands of PPP projects, the total investment is close to 2000000000000, on the one E-CIG CHINA hand, in order to deal with the economic downturn pressure, better play the role of investment in the economy, stable economic growth. And these projects are distributed in
the field
of economic and social development has a positive impact on the future development, will not leave hidden dangers; on the other hand, is also the opportunity to better attract social capital Hot E Cig kits to participate
in social capital to play a role in the economic and social development, effectively improve the efficiency of social resources. is concerned that the government’s olive branch out, can get social capital to respond to it? To ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA know that last year the local government has launched a large number of PPP projects, however, the social capital of only 10%, the other has become the Mechanical Mod and RDA government’s wishful thinking. Therefore, the national development and Reform Commission this year to launch the PPP project, the biggest worry is that social capital will not respond, will not accept these projects, and actively participate in the construction of. need to grasp the good social capital is, although the national development and Reform Commission announced the PPP project, most of the projects are recommended, but with the local government announced the project, at least two advantages, one is the national level projects, which is often said that the national key projects, whether in terms of policy or project approval, and other aspects, will be more attention than the general project, will not appear as long as the approval of the project, policy implementation difficult, difficult to promote and other Disposable e cigarette issues. Therefore, the appeal of social capital should be much stronger, social capital to participate in the enthusiasm will be much higher; the two is the name of the national development and Reform Commission officially released, then, is put on the national key projects. Therefore, in cooperation with the social capital, the government’s credit consciousness and contract consciousness will naturally strong, and not need to build the process of these projects and the government credit, the government contract consciousness and so on. So, from this perspective, the appeal of social capital will also be enhanced, the social capital of the concerns will be effectively reduced. however, it is also to be seen, since these projects are mostly distributed in infrastructure and public