the former chairman of the National People’s Congress died

the former chairman of the National People’s Congress died, aged 99 years old. Thousands of miles of the upright is not only a model of the Communists, his great contributions to China’s rural reform is so that future generations do not forget. June 1977, Deng Xiaoping appointed to the Anhui provincial Party Secretary, mainly in order to solve a problem of hunger. during the cultural revolution, more than 80% of the rural population in Hot E Cig kits China is not satisfied, the proportion of Anhui this is more than 90%. Anhui every year thousands of farmers go
out to beg, to become the country’s largest beggar province. Ligang million to Anhui, saw a lot of people climb the train, go outside to escape. Someone said to him, Anhui people have the habit of begging. Million in the mood suddenly sank down, this year’s Jiefang District, how to have the habit of begging? million in the most exciting, is that he saw a three generation male and female female male and female sleep a Kang, do not have clothes to wear, even 18 year old big girl is also
like this. This is the superiority
of social
ism. 61 year old provincial Party Secretary Wan Li, his E-CIGARETTE CHINA feelings can not stand up, dark and sad, Anhui is his home, ah, how to become so poor? p with a heavy heart, with Deng Xiaoping’s trust. Determined not to change the poor status can not be. However, the reform where to start? Xiaogangcun is a symbol of rural reform, Disposable e cigarette believe that there are people who have experience in rural areas, will never forget the name of Xiaogangcun. When I was in college, I was a teacher in agricultural economics. I talked about Xiaogangcun, and I even had my eyes shine. p 16 farmers use their fingerprints, theirs petition to the Anhui provincial leaders, they did not require any, only allow the land household responsibility system. This is the first to break through the ideological imprisonment of the community of the first shot, has been recognized by the million, Deng Xiaoping’s approval. Xiaogangcun’s reform pilot, quickly spread in Anhui, spread throughout the country. Contracted to households, to break the big pot of communes and production team system is adapted to the prevailing conditions of productivity under the best system arrangement. Deng Xiaoping’s rural reform, creating a new china. But Deng Xiaoping if not like a million E-CIG CHINA in the Secretary Mechanical Mod and RDA of provincial Party committee in rural reform frontline, dare to break through the traditional ideology of curse, so that China’s reform may not so successful, not so dramatic. in the last century 70’s in the reform of the people, there is an ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA impulse, hoping to break the collective ownership of agricultural production, through the contract to maximize the mobilization of the enthusiasm of farmers. but the ideological curse of the commune is too serious, we are not in the of the problem to engage in action. What should I do? Xiaogangcun Anhui farmers bold contract land, get million in support and promotion. In the social and political atmosphere, Wanli need to take great political risks, and he is superior to others,