the first city chess tournament kicks off in South Guangxi Nanning Yi park

6 13, the first city chess tournament kicks off in South Guangxi Nanning Yi park. Southern Division, Eastern Conference, West North Division on the same day began the regular season in the first round of the competition, before the start of the were brief opening ceremony, Kang, vice president of the people’s Government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the Chinese Chess Association Chairman Wang Runan, Sports Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region director let Xiao Ning and event organizers responsible for people from the city go Federation director long Rong Jian, Cheng Wei Lian Sports Investment Development Co., Ltd. chairman Xiang Lei attended the opening ceremony. City Chess League sponsored by the City Chess League, the city around the Joint Sports Investment Development Co., Ltd., the Chinese Chess Association, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Sports Bureau as a guide. League between Union City go all the clubs in the, the innovation go relay race format, divided into two stages of the regular season and playoffs, take the competition system of host and guest field, the event duration for 8 months. p debut, headed by Bai Baoxiang, horse days put two amateur king of Nanning Tianyuan Go Club Home overtime win Guangzhou Shoulian go club, ma
Mens Lebron James Soldier 6 Black Grey Greende a good start. In the next game, Nanning Tianyuan team make persistent efforts, winning two teams, all 4 points. A third to the end of the game, won the Nanning Tianyuan team with 6 points in the top division in southern Guangzhou, Guangxi Yong Hui’s 4 second separation. p the City chess tournament was unveiled in war, colorful activities, domestic Amateur Go four kings is taken to the threshing ground, many professional players as coach advice even personally pigua battle, intense competition, go baby passionate match steaming hot. The bold enable electronic chessboard network connection game, a change in the traditional chess players face. It is the first appearance of the electronic board of the domestic official contest. In order to meet the domestic and international chess focus on the events of the, the organizers joint central digital TV Tianyuan go channels of events to day TV broadcast, depending on the music sports on the first game Nanning Tianyuan Go Club home game against Guangzhou Shoulian go club also webcast, the scene by chess is a beautiful girl Wang Xiangru early and amateur go of one of the four kings of Hu Yuqing amateur seven segment jointly about chess. Cable TV and network TV together for the game of go live broadcast, enrich the diversity of China’s sports broadcast and dissemination, to meet the needs of TV users, mobile Internet users in realtime, realtime watch sports events. China currently has a population of 30000000, the country’s 84 types of sports events held in the frequency of the first eight games. The City Chess League success, there are 16 cities in 18 teams go Club nearly 200 more than chess masters competition, direct and indirect influence to domestic and foreign 200 million chess and tens of millions of weiqi lovers. Chinese Chess Association President Wang Runan said, since last year, China ushered in the best golden age of sports industry development, but also for the industry to create a huge development space. With the start of the city, the country will form a new round of the study of the boom, there will be more people like go, enjoy the fun of the game.

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