the fire nest in the heart

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Derrick Rose II Shoes Men Online Sale Chinese medicine believes that white into the heart, I like Nike foamposite one usually eat lily, pear etc. Ziyin Runzao efficacy of food, to prevent lung dryness in autumn is a very good result. Read a dream of Red Mansions certainly on the quiet as Jiao according to water flowers, and act like weak willows breeze sister remain fresh in one’s memory. She has a habit, every autumn will make chronic disease cough, find doctors can not cure. A dream of Red Mansions this book can be described as the pearl jade, just this detail, it is implied that a very deep philosophy of health: autumn dry
cheap jordan shoes easily hurt the lungs, autumn must protect the lungs. When a man lives, where he is not angry. Anger hurts the liver. The liver, the general officer, the upright
Derrick Rose Shoes Online Sale and outspoken generals out of trouble, but very serious consequences. So we’ll Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men have to wait on it. Do the best to do the usual less angry, not I buy Nike air foamposite one angry, life to learn to selfcultivation. Inadvertently, per
Mens Rose 5 Shoes 1508050113haps you will find that the disease has little door! If the heart compared to the king’s words, the liver is upright and outspoken general. The Yellow Emperor said: the liver, the general officer, thinking out of yan. Later there are doctor Wang Bing comment: brave and can break this general. Not so adorable hair down, thinking out of yan. General shoulder the responsibility but very heavy, the king’s safety to it to protect hide blood to Yangxin, the invasion of foreign enemies to it to defense detoxification. In addition, operations from thousands of miles away. If the general is wrong, it would be a great disorder under heaven. So for this general, we must cherish, do not let it be hurt. Because, the general also has the fear of things, that is afraid of anger, anger can hurt the liver. From the lifting operation Qi, Qi Yi of comfortable, soft and blood stagnation, inverse gas. We know, when a person is angry, always feel blood rushing to, and then flushed, eat dinner, bosom is frowsty abdominal pain etc. symptoms. This is because the anger is on the air, the liver ascending too. Liver blood, blood with the gas line up to the head, will produce dizziness, blush and other conditions. Q? said: the angry sky on the shape and bate died from blood stagnation, make people thin jue. The consequences of being angry can be more than that. I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women Catharsis liver failure, liver Qi will be like a wild horse as in vivo rampage; liver tribulations make spleen, loss of transport of the spleen, we will feel abdominal distension; the tribulations guilty stomach, there will be a hiccup, can’t eat, serious or even cause vomiting. Seen the three countries will certainly be Zhu Geliang three gas Zhou Yu fresh. Zhou Yu shouted Yu Sheng, He Shengliang after she hematemesis died, because anger hurts the liver damage caused by blood. So, you want to protect the liver, be sure to do less angry. But people are not saints, which is not angry? Do not be angry, but at least you should do after angry to vent their anger out, the fire nest in the heart, than temper more liver injury. So, when someone is angry at you;