: the Duke of Zhou dare to talk about the management of first talk about what is management a lot of leaders say management

: the Duke of Zhou dare to talk about the management of first talk about what is management a lot of leaders say management, if you ask, what is the management, a lot of people will get
stuck. So Baidu, wow, explain very deep: Management manage is defined in the specific environment conditions, the human center, the organization has the resources for effective decisionmaking, planning, organization, leadership, control, E-CIG CHINA in order to achieve the objectives of the organization. The narrow sense of management is the ability to command others to work with other best work methods. used my IQ to remember it, and it’s estimated that three minutes later. In fact, management, is reason chant tube! some people say: this is not nonsense? E-CIGARETTE CHINA don’t think so, I give an example of your company. Companies have management and business departments, business departments often to the management department to make a phone call, so that line can not be. The most common answer is: see the system. Do you have any company? seems to be the management of the Department on the way, but also to maintain the normal order of Disposable e cigarette the company,
but the management is it? theory, is the truth. Tao is nameless, whether you agree with still do not agree with all of its eternal existence invisible touch to a standard, the socalled DKD Tao. Theory is the logic and law of the Tao. Then the truth, it is to Mechanical Mod and RDA see if you can not see it, but it still exists the logic and the law.
A look at the system, can not be considered management,
the most as the management, we must understand the first, according to the principle to set the system. Many institutions set out indeed meet the tastes of the leadership, but have you ever thought about, one of your system is expanded the troop and rejoice; and dozens of people dozen bedding all leave, complaints are heard everywhere. , don’t exist because of wealth, not because of publicity mighty, not because of poverty and death. Understand this, you can make a more appropriate system. p when subordinate departments to Hot E Cig kits ask a question that it is okay, you can said system to see, when two asked to self, three ask you should study well, whether the system is reasonable. now we are talking about the network, the network has a word, called set off. Popular explanation, a person has such a hobby, the world will certainly have the same
preferences of other people, will these people together, you can find a selling point for this hobby. the same reason, a subordinate departments have a problem, the two have a problem, we should think about it, these people do not have a good learning system, or there will be more people who have the same problem, but did not focus on the outbreak. If it is the first, it will strengthen the training, if it is the second, then why not hurry to discuss the rationality of it? The focus of the management is not to ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA keep a rigid system every day.