the cry of the wild yak ‘. Creating artificial F Kazasi Lama

In April, highland barley Jun can be described as non-stop, came all the way from the southeastern Tibet Qiangtang, northern Tibet, and Nyingchi, Qamdo smart handsome, Nagqu vast magnificent, walking in paradise like feeling, bring you is original and profound. In April, still the cold snow, from time to time. After nearly 5 hours, in the hills around between Jun barley from afar, a temple in the mountains. Yes, we finally arrived at our destination, Nagqu County Xiang Zhong Temple Russian fuck. After getting off the bus, a line of gazing at the highland city full of sense of history of the temple. The pagoda, the cylinder, sutra hall, sengshe stands in front, surrounded by mountains, southeastern have the Qu River after accompanying Temple tube chief Suolang give us introduction said: "the average altitude is
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Nike Air Force Ones Shoes monastery founded in 1652, 365 years have elapsed since the history and secondary Russia in Tibetan means" the cry of the wild yak ‘. Creating artificial F Kazasi Lama, the Drikung Kagyu sect, with Lhasa Drikung ladder temple has a closely related and for Buddha tubal single Joan a year only open a for believers to worship. " Highland barley, the king subsequently temples around the turn around, see 666 turn cylinder, 107 i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes root Jingchuang, and more than 3 million piece of Mani stone half surrounded by temples. Generally speaking, the direct meaning of Mani rubble has two, one is praying
Mens Dennis Rodman Shoes Grey Orange and exorcising evil spirits; second is for people to turn the week at any time rectifying self own thinking and behavior. Legend here is a piece of Mani stone flew from India, in order to prevent it from flying away, is fixed with cement. Into the courtyard of the temple, there are some master workers still in the busy work, not far away, next to the stacked with Mani stone, the old temple will continued to refurbish and a continuation of the strong vitality. In fact, during
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes the cultural revolution, the temple was destroyed, once interrupted, the monks were forced to leave the temple, but the power of faith has never gone. In 1981, by Khenpo wantagh responsible for reconstruction. Today, the temple covers an area of 12000 square meters, 5184 square meters of building area, inside the temple is divided buy air max shoes online into areas of practice, mosque chanting area, the mass transfer by distinguishing the three part, every year many people participate buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online in Buddhist activities large 3, small six, large respectively: mani bamboo bar, bamboo baga Festival, Ba miscellaneous bamboo i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes bar. Peak period of 2000 to 3000 people involved in the masses, the impact of the temple is evident. At this time is in the afternoon, the sun is not so strong, golden light flashing, looked at the red and white temple architecture, buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online the guy with their body and mind suddenly quiet and peaceful. Inadvertently, you see the barley puppies at play, the temple in a harmonious atmosphere. i like air max shoes Highland barley, the king thought well mannered this temple, but think of the temple management committee director Suolang mentioned a story of people. Then, following a small partner went to visit. This is a 80 year old white monks from Farmington Township, fuck Gongjue, he is the only low income households. 10 years old, he came to the temple of the temple, has been living here, learning, practice. During the cultural revolution, temples were damaged, white German in order to make a living, helpless to the neighboring holes maxiang work to feed themselves, during this period, he helped others let go of animal husbandry, in rural school canteen when the chef, so spent ten years time. Bai De old man told us, in fact, his heart never left the temple. 198 Wu