text Yang Junjun micro letter: yangjunjun420 p PR this two word has been with obscure meaning

text Yang Junjun micro letter: yangjunjun420 p PR this two word has been with obscure meaning, remember two years ago, in [must belong to you popular great river north and south, zhangshaogang ridicule male college students a job in public relations work, a Tate’s husband why want to do public relations? All day wearing a tiger skin skirt, not afraid of being a joke. that time, in the eyes of many people, public relations are still not so serious. p however now, whether it is aware of the toppling of media, smug or just graduated from college students seems to the PR industry with sense of yearning, decent work earn is on the one hand, and more. They have a a dream, guide public opinion utterance. two years ago began to do from the media, so have the honor to get to know a number of public relations, they have to be disappointed in this industry, some of the public relations and pride, but also some people because of the ideal and the reality is too tangled and confused. One Britney S
Mens Nike Air Foamposite One Size US 14.15 Sky Bluepears is what I became known as self media after the first contact my pr. br the reason that she because from the beginning to the end, she remained always polite, teacher this two word never away from the mouth of though was still a student, I will remind you several times without teacher called me, called my name. p, like many of
http://www.fsbwmall.com/news/html/?24138.html the public relations firm mouth called little girl, she less than two years, have been doing media work, according to her story, her current work is mainly chat online with some media, occasionally go to the line to participate in some party, know some people, fishing for the wind. once, she serves the customer a public relations crisis, she is very anxious to find me, ask me if I can help to find a point to help the company say. Then I asked her, what is their own coping strategies, she made a PPT to me, said is just there with the customers had to report the crisis management plan, solemnly asked me to keep quiet. a very neat and beautiful PPT, each paragraph of text and each picture of the color, composition, structure is extremely elegant, see, this is the result of training. but, in the whole page, see the crisis management in the final analysis is a word, invite a good media for the enterprise platform, how the platform, and what the site is completely without reference. Repeatedly asked, there is no other core information, or it is the basis for the site, the answer is no, this is all the content. no way, I try to check some of the information, gives me a number of views, so that she took to communicate with her customers to see if appropriate. Despite the end of a close, but in my heart, or to Britney Spears have some of the bear

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