Tags: lack of bed is behind the lack of people whether it is hard to find a bed

Tags: lack of bed is behind the lack of people whether it is hard to find a bed, or a hard to find, is essentially a good doctor shortage. When the doctor is no longer get together, the patient will naturally recent shunt, circulated on the Internet a group of photos, record the scene is a top three hospital of Henan a bed is hard to find. Although the hospital has 70 million fixed beds. Big scale, called a spectacle. A similar phenomenon i like air jordan shoes men is not unique to this hospital. The top three hospitals in the big city, hard to find a
Dwyane Wade Shoes Wholesale bed has become the norm. Some people believe that China’s population, fewer beds, if i love cheap jordans wholesale the government to limit the expansion of large hospitals, people will be more difficult to see a doctor. In fact, this is a kind of illusion. From the local perspective, the shortage of beds in our country is a fact; from the overall perspective, the lack of utilization of beds is also a fact. 2014. This means that, in the primary medical institutions, almost half of the bed is empty. The big hospital i like lebron james 2014 is the person and so on the bed, the small hospital is the bed and so on. So, in the end, the total number of beds in our country enough? 2014 cities, leading to excessive concentration of patients. For example, eat roast duck, boarded the the Great Wall, on the union, becoming the three thing to Beijing. Whe
Mens Derrick Rose III Shoes Orange Greyn the patients were flooded, and then increase the number of union beds, is an utterly inadequate measure. At the
Derrick Rose Shoes Men Wholesale same time, the hospital bed structure is unreasonable, make money more beds, do not make
Derrick Rose III Shoes Men Wholesale money less beds. Such as obstetric, pediatric, psychiatric, elderly and other serious shortage of beds, unable to meet the social needs. Visible, the socalled a bed is hard to find is actually a structural shortage, is choice does not match of medical distribution of medical resources and patient, rather
http://www.theorbstore.com/Blog/lebron-james-2013-run-more-efficiently.html than an absolute lack of quantity. If the Hospital blind expansion, is tantamount to baoxinjiuhuo. In fact, hospital beds increased more, from the grassroots surge, more patients, beds will never catch up with the number of patients, eventually leading to overload for a large hospital, doctors struggling to cope with, medical quality, landslide and so on in more government the discount lebron james website more busy vicious circle. According to reports, a small but fine, no bed hospital is the rise of the United states. With the support of remote medical treatment, many hospitals have become surgery centers, patients do not need to stay in the hospital from illness to rehabilitation, greatly saving medical expenses. China’s hospitals should learn from discount kids air jordan shoes international experience, shorten the average length of stay, improve the turnover rate of hospital beds. Day, with the developed countries there is no small gap. First, the level of surgery and nursing, patients recover slowly, can not be discharged as soon as possible. Two is the medical insurance payment system is not reasonable. Our country medical insurance to encourage patients in hospital treatment, greatly hindered the implementation of day surgery, outpatient surgery. Some surgery does not have to be hospitalized, can be completed in the clinic, but due to reimbursement policy constraints, the doctor had i love jordan nubuck men to allow patients hospitalized, resulting in a waste of resources. Three is the medical technology pricing is not scientific. Due to the technical services are a dime a dozen doctors have to allow patients to inpatient, increase the amount of consumables and drug, in order to achieve small profits and quick turnover, compensate for the losses. From the deep, behind the bed is made for. It is hard to find a bed, or a hard to find, is essentially a good doctor shortage. Many patients detour, Ning to the hospital corridor bed,, small hospitals do not a single room, is nothing more than want to find a good doctor. At present, China’s per capita number of physicians is less

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