Sun Nan Song over the heart was praised sincerity as Sina entertainment news recently

Sun Nan Song over the heart was praised sincerity as Sina entertainment news recently, Sun Nan in grab in 2013 yearend vocals, which first name for over the heart is the sun
nan partner domestic cuttingedge music producer Qiangqiang jointly new launch of sincerity. Stage of Sun Nan, domineering, hit in the weekly Jiangsu TV star music reality show almighty wars and singer Sun Nan again and again to defend his strength to sing the glory, five cut six, to dedicate their own wonderful to every front of the television audience. But Sun Nan never stop his footsteps in the music world in pursuit of and challenges, recently his new music masterpiece over the heart drive in late 2013 winter preemptive released. This is he for the partner country music cuttingedge music producer music works, is his first crossborder cooperation, exciting and more of a surprise taste. The energy of the heart of the flying is like a Disposable e cigarette declaration of youth, the most powerful and the most warm Hot E Cig kits note passed to every one of the people who are living in the winter. Category: Andy every year a new mobile phone didn’t fell behind recently Andy Andy busy propaganda homemade starred in the 3D gangster action film storm, about his news and rumors and more up, he surveyed gradually clarified a lot of things, for example ru
mor that he never use cell phones, chat to talk about things that had to be face to face; in fact annually on his birthday, many friends sent him the latest mobile phone, now uses a white iPhone 5, a is Mechanical Mod and RDA not left behind. Sina entertainment news, in the storm Lau plays good cop, but for human, at the expense of jurisprudence, made a
mistake. Finally, were thrown in jail, people think that this is idol filming mode, mistakes will be punished, and in Andy jailed after artist. End of story, let the audience to think about the future there ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA will be a sequel to. But Andy Lau denied that there would be a sequel, we really need to be able to pass through the mainland. I can E-CIG CHINA change the plot, but we can’t see the movie. In 16 of the storm Taipei correspondent, Andy Lau admitted take the concept of storm prequel, but did not intend to implement, actor Gordon Lam immediately expressed interest, Andy Lau is also a promise on the spot to free concept to Gordon Lam. Play. Category: there is a kind of my work on the director Zhang Yuan, with the most basic
expectations, there is a kind of is no exception. The movie has been out of the cinema, it is said, the box office is not E-CIGARETTE CHINA ideal, is expected. A network criticism that a movie, slightly difficult, the story is not smooth, no passion about. I think this criticism is all right. But, I would like to say a little bit of my opinion. After reading the, always feel the film itself and its creator, is the dog that does not bark, is likely to bite more ferocious. The
film itself is very calm, even if it is in the face of a large social injustice, director of the story are slowly swallow, baidu. This is a very scary thing. Mr. Lu Xun once said, not in the silence of death, in the silence of the outbreak. There is a kind of there is a power to accumulate silence, he may want to save power to a: