Su Wenli p is out of the gold 1093

Su Wenli p is out of the gold 1093.30, 3.20, 0.29% in the era of China’s commercial real estate is like the current stock market everyone admires did not dry long will be able to net worth over several times that stir, everyone is afraid of being turmoil in the shuffle disk access man. A high clearance, someone is stuck, someone frequent transfer positions, people resort to withdraw, there are people in 4000 points just opened an account. p just as investors who miss ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the beginning of the bull market as, commercial real estate most people miss the old days down to push back five or six years ago. At Disposable e cigarette that time, Sanlitun, the center of the universe, also called village, CapitaMall Xizhimen is not called Cade, Vientiane City opened only two or three block, Xidan Joy City had no sooner got on the right track, Wanda [microblogging] haven’t open to Manzhouli wherever he goes, the lake dwelling in the southwest, Vanke is still think I Mechanical Mod and RDA really want to do business? p it is the
best time, everyone is a pair of naive ignorant, don’t need how profound the professional accomplishment, no person may request the veteran experi
ence, just do it is valuable. Like money in the bull market, on the inside, wordless, just quietly with the tide of the undulating rhythm, experienced is the biggest wealth accumulation. Turn, first trouser River have been wearing shiny leather shoes on the red carpet. p in the Chinese commercial real estate expansion speed, everywhere, or upside down, only can reveal the language of the pale and weak. Just remember, Vanke and lake of Wanda, Cade and COFCO, largescale
omnidirectional digging basement battle seems still fresh in our memory, the three major commercial real estate Huangpu Military academy address book is recruitment agencies competing circulated scriptures, employees are daily his transfer fee prices are calculated from the mouth of the headhunters. from 200 to 2000 behind, is a commercial real estate development climax, but also commercial real estate talent into the market climax. Similarly, from the 2000 to 200 behind, is the E-CIGARETTE CHINA climax of excess and death, but also the talent redundancy and taste the bitter climax. p transition and turbulence is often a hotbed of dramatic story, now, to commercial real estate people infested lucullian banquets in turn, almost no who do not complain about their jobs, never again to see the who is patting chest to say myself very E-CIG CHINA suitable for this industry job of aspiring young people figure. p they complained that perennial drifting assignment, complaining about the saturation of city of a gleam of radish pit, complaining about the consumer more and more difficult to serve, complaining about the brand more and more arrogant, complaining about each Hot E Cig kits of the holidays are wherever he goes and does not belong to the family, complaining about pay and harvest
is not
proportional to the. The complaints are usually made in the last sentence: I don’t think I’m fit for this industry. is good at the anxiety of people planning a withdrawal mechanism. Miss A plans to jump from the investment manager to the brand to do business development manager, but her choice seems to imply that she does not understand the crux of the problem; Mr. B has accumulated over the years of industry