Su Jiafeng market within the collection point through kwgland freight service department is located in

? Mr. Su Jiafeng market within the collection point through kwgland freight service department is located in, a number of goods shipped to Liuzhou. On the consignment note, written by the service department of the collection Disposable e cigarette and payment of 3040 yuan, freight is 50 yuan. In accordance with practice, after the completion of the collection of goods, the freight service will be the collection of the payment of the money in a week to customers. And Liuzhou by the receiving party, Mr. Su know Mechanical Mod and RDA each other already receiving goods and the payment to kwgland freight services. After Mr. Su
personally came to lunlong freight services located five one Road headquarters, found the door closed. Next door, a logistics company staff told service department in a few days ago has the warehouse office Hot E Cig kits activities and all things have moved away, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA do not know where to move up. The next logistics company staff said, kwgland freight services swept away for at least hundreds of thousands of yuan.? The boss has no one to answer the phone, businesses for reimbursement Dunshou facade, glory Logistics
Co., Ltd., Liuzhou Branch staff after discussion decided team went to the field to find, in Pingxiang, Longzhou twice outsmarted, eventually the license plate number in Nanning found lo
st boss Mr. tan. And the logistics company to collect the payment of the business has a close relationship? Both delivery, and accounts receivable, logistics in the expansion of business, while the risk chain is also further extended. Merchant Mr. Wang said, we used to let the logistics company to collect the money, which is no way to. Even
if this fell wrestle, I’m afraid I will still choose this way of logistics. Several merchants told reporters that the reason: one is the post price is too expensive, we must consider the cost. Another is, so many years my clients have been accustomed to such transactions, for each other, after all, the delivery is the most reasonable, the most fair. And the speed of transport is much faster than that of the post. 2 the logistics industry is very low, the logistics company is a large quantity, the quality is Suppliers if more trust to receive the goods, the two sides can transfer the transaction; the supplier if more trust in the logistics company,
will let the collection of money. If the payment to the third party account transfer, but also bear the credit risk of third parties. In any case, choose to take a certain credit risk. Precisely because of the risk can not be completely avoided, and E-CIGARETTE CHINA the delivery side, logistics companies and the receiving party’s credit degree and the lack of specific standards, it is difficult to test, so the lack of institutional protection of the logistics chain will be frequent fracture. 3 lack of industry norms, lack of effective management system, and some enterprises to take down the price of competition, once the money will not be enough to break the capital chain. Logistics boss told reporters, the industry is in a state of E-CIG CHINA disorderly competition, with the money on foot is not surprising. Are there any measures to deal with it? Will you choose to let the logistics company to collect the money?