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strong: strong wave wave, Shunrong not only fall into a decline in the performance of the situation, once tried to acquisition of the target’s assets was involved in a pile of infringement disputes.Href= wave after another wave, Shun Rong shares 002555.SZ not only fell into the situation, the subject of the acquisition of the underlying assets also involved in a tort disputes. p recently, Shun Rong shares issued action of matters related to the progress of the announcement: the company intends to acquisition of Shanghai Sanqi Panax notoginseng play network technology Co., Ltd. hereinafter referred to as Panax play because of counterfeit dispute is a href rel = sea grand network development Co., Ltd. used hereinafter referred to as Shanda sued, the progress of the lawsuit is grand network in the update of the have claims in the decree of Panax notoginseng play compensation for economic losses tune up to 65 million yuan, and the rest of the litigation request did not change. p, it is worth noting is that the grand network have also added to the Guangzhou, Xian
Womens Nike Free 3.0 V5 Fluorescence Black Hai Network Technology Co., Ltd. hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou, Xian HAI and Chengdu Molong Technology Co., Ltd. hereinafter referred to as Chengdu Molong respectively as a defendant in the lawsuit. Shun Rong shares secretaries Zhang Yun told reporters in twentyfirst Century economic report, the two companies are added to the game developers, we acquired three seven play is the game’s operating platform, if there is infringement of counterfeit behavior, Shanda should go to the game developers to negotiate, the three seven play as the defendant is no reason. is hidden risk Shun Rong shares in the announcement said, due to the lawsuit has not yet been held, the company and the subject of the transaction is not to bear any cost of the three seven play, the proceedings of the company and the subject of the transaction three seven play a profit or profit after the period has no effect. p however, a private equity fund manager told 21st Century Business Herald reporter, Shunrong in prior to the acquisition of Panax play announcement did not suggest a copyright dispute risk, Shanda can so mobilized their forces to prosecute Panax play, is certainly sufficient to master the evidence, and this game copyright dispute is should be in risk warning note, otherwise how can investors to determine the acquisition of the subject of the real risk of it? In this regard, Zhang Yun said in the disclosure of the acquisition of three seven draft of the draft before the grand network and did not sue, and, moreover, the three seven is only a game operating platform, there is no possibility of infringement of research and development game. Game is what the developers themselves do, if there is infringement, a grand network should sue game developers, which is why the proceedings in progress, a grand network to prosecute the reasons for the two companies.

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