strong: strong in the process of rapid development

strong: strong in the process of rapid development, this year ushered in standalone game into the overall decline greatly, the development of the single market facing pressure, what is what causes the single income decline?Href= in the past two years, the overall revenue of the single hand travel broke out, the big wave game manufacturers in the market prospects, but also to do the transformation to do a single, a time to usher in a blowout. But in the rapid development process, this year ushered in a single game to enter the overall decline in a large margin, the entire single market development is facing pressure, what is the reason for the decline in the single revenue? The development of the single game market will usher in the spring? domestic single market entry into the labor pains of the three major reasons 2015 years, after more and more manufacturers to enter the market, there are some compact standalone hand travel market is even more crowded, href= operator complaint amount is too high, and a series
Womens Nike Free 3.0 V5 Fluorescence Black of policy tightening, three operators to tighten billing, the single hand travel billing channel control is more stringent, so that a single hand travel to enter the winter. 1, control channel contraction. As the country’s net action to online channels a round control, coupled with the single number of explosive growth, make the promotion of online resources is less and less, the first resource is hard to come by. 2, operators are divided into high, developers have no money to earn. Short generation standalone, and operators and channels to be divided into three. Due to the split into a low, profit margins, and the single charge of the standalone billing itself, even if there are millions of water, CP itself did not earn much money. The operator billing slow, high rate of bad debts, channel to loaning, developers need to take more risks. 3, short billing and strict control, shutting down the storm. To fight for a short time running water, short generation payment is often accompanied by a variety of malicious deduction of black phenomenon, often lead to a surge in game business complaints, short generation control is shut down for rectification, the larger the loss of revenue. developer’s way out of the dark, but not without the future 2015 first half of the year, let the living space of the standalone game makers have a greater extrusion, last year stampeded into a single game market makers, like a swarm of bees entered the a casualty of the road. for billing difficult, cumbersome, slow and other issues such as the status quo, game developers have to find the most comprehensive game access interface, to find a valid game publishing platform, improve the efficiency of standalone games online, in the best time to enter the promotion. one, SD

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