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The North Korean embassy vehicle (information), the original title: North Korean diplomats Dandong wine driving 2 people in China according to the & lt; & lt; United Daily News & gt; & gt; reports, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed yesterday, a North Korean diplomat in Liaoning Province border city of Dandong, the border City in China death 2 people were killed. The diplomat made a claim to the family of the deceased. The Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs revealed discount kids air jordan shoes that i love cheap jordans wholesale the information back to the Agence France-Presse i like air jordan shoes men inquiries. According to South Korea, "the North Korean Daily" weekend (February 20th) quoted the Dandong news source reported that the perpetrators of the Dandong Lian Zhe Jun North Korean diplomats (transliteration),. He celebrated the success of North Korea’s long-range missile launch in February 7th at a meeting of Dandong, China Mansion, and senior certified personnel. At the end of
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Women the party, Lian Zheng drunk driving, crossed the center line of the road, and in the direction of movement of the vehicle front discount lebron james website collision instead, resulting in three deaths of Chinese nationality for drivers and passengers. Attached to the Dandong Hospital were injured, just discharged. However, according to the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs yesterday, the accident happened in early 10, the deceased was a taxi driver and passengers. The authorities are investigating the accident. North Korea Daily reported that Mercedes Benz SUV is a low-cost car
Lebron James Olympic Low Top Men but the car is the old model, so serious damage. In addition, the low of the
Lebron James Soldier 6 handsome i like lebron james 2016 face of the 500 thousand yuan of civil compensation. There are rumors that North Korea has yet to be a low recall, because he has a considerable background in Pyongyang. Editor: Chen Yan sn225, i love jordan nubuck men the article key words: foreign wine driving North Korean diplomats