Small Internet from the legend of the virtual world

Small Internet ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA from the legend of the virtual world, to now
become a real world. The Internet may become violent, physical conflict in real life. If it is purely physical conflict better solved, afraid of physical conflict to disguise themselves as Jihad, fighting becomes The afternoon of July 22nd, Mi Bundo young Hou expectation is more E-CIG CHINA than unidentified persons wounded. Often in the online publication of the comments, this is not to be questioned because the online opinion is not for the. At present, the public security organs have been filed. chinanews reported on July 23rd dynasties, the love of the motherland is the basic quality of citizens. As for what is patriotic, lawabiding, dedication is the core content. Interestingly, nowadays, from the network of public opinion, appeared in the trend of commercialization and emotional, specific performance for the monopoly of words, not using the exclusive words, it is
considered not patriotic. Such remarks, regarded as a scourge, or even to violence as a means to force others to accept their patriotic standards. This about the Weihai, is a typical example. About violence, disturbing social order, to disturb. No matter about the victor
y or defeat, their behavior is illegal, not worth protecting. Surprising is that in the cyber bully about frame events, some departments of the official microblogging E-CIGARETTE CHINA preemptive authority of the police release, the frame about events are defined as battered person, like the batterer is unpatriotic like. Such a moral judgment, if it is ordinary users of personal opinion also poured it, from the official microblogging political judgment, it is a
bit funny. Step back and say, even if a microblog official said, beaten because of patriotic speech. This Is it right?, beaten becomes a noble act, not beating is not enough to reflect the citizen patriotism? According to this logic, contemporary China Patriot must experience Heaven Daren Yu people, we must first suffer their aspirations, the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, line refers to the chaos, or unworthy it? Patriotic, is the inner requirement of civil society. But patriotism is not word loyalty, but indiscretions, manners were not to give others make trouble, to the society clogging, civilization to discredit. Those in online swearing, foul shoot Hot E Cig kits ’emups, although to their close to label, who don’t agree with his opinion will use the language of violence to retaliate others. If this is patriotic speech, I think this is a barbaric social behavior, and the civilization has nothing to do with the national interests, is a fake of the fraud. From the beaten Hou expectation he did his microblog, patriotic speech, but also there is no lack of violent language. Friends are not cold Disposable e cigarette Hou type patriotic, he was beaten for about frame actually a little gas: it’s not about frame? How patriotic? They are both affray, and how viscerally patriotic. If you publish patriotic speech at the same Mechanical Mod and RDA time, the use of any language violence to argue, so beaten is not due to a patriotic speech, but the use of cold violence ah. If
the public is not dazzled, the reflection is beaten the which did not like