Small controversial Guangzhou sleepers loaded nozzle of pouring water driven events

Small controversial Guangzhou sleepers loaded nozzle of pouring water driven events, and recently the trend under the media and public opinion is strongly involved outage for several months of spray expelled facilities, and replace them with a more than 20 pots of plants, sleepers who was once again in a green way away.? News about homeless people and most wellknown, the north Beijing Lido area seal well drive modern caveman; southern Guangzhou on the bridge under the tip force sleep go off; and Chengdu in order to destroy the street lay persons and set the slope shaped bus waiting chair, and news today pouring water and green to drive them away. Every news, will cause a hongnao type argument. And the mainstream of the argument, the basic line with the network public opinion, the weak sympathy. Voice of the community, to almost onesided direction, in be driven side sleepers who expressed sympathy, in a strong Party of driving, hold to shouting. This pattern of public opinion throughout every similar news from beginning to end, however, the fundamental solution of sleepers the world of urban management Disposable e cigarette problems, and no what use.? Well, there is no better way to solve the problem than in the Pride an
d Prejudice type of mouth.? Even in Silicon Valley in the U.S. or British London and China’s Hong Kong these a highly developed areas, sleepers did not disappear because of the bustling city. On the Hot E Cig kits contrary, it has become a byproduct of the heart of the city, there are. In any place, so some people, or because of luck or due to mental or due to physical or for temporary other
various difficulties, and reduced to sleeping in the fate. No one has to point, almost went to the life of despair. And at this time, to
impose the compassion compassion, is a basic human feeling. This time, even if it is a kindness to accept, a warm words, or a substantive help, are likely to open a door of hope. The United States movie when happiness to knock on the door, the homeless father in order to allow his son to sleep a little bit of a safe and secure the door of the public toilets, so many people cry. The hero in the movie did not give up E-CIGARETTE CHINA hope, and eventually became a useful person Mechanical Mod and RDA to the society. For some desperate people, pull one, he would E-CIG CHINA stand up, and push a, he could become a negative impact on social stability, light is on the road to the people ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA spit water damage public facilities, heavy? Even if the network has many critics even shouting, also cannot change another fundamental fact, that is in these sleepers communities living in the area residents and owners, they on the matter of attitude. Compassion and sympathy at the same time, they are not there will be brought on by the arrival of the sleepers are clean, sensory and safety sense trouble and discomfort? Their basic rights and interests are not also should be corresponding to the respect and protection. To actively participate
in the installation of water
facilities in the hotel, for example, all day long to lie several sleepers will not affect the image and business? Their legitimate rights and interests, and should be how to respect and love