Small commodity prices continue to decline

Small commodity prices continue to decline, will drag on the Australian economy. In recent months, the major media analysis, as well as the Australian central bank statement on the interest rates, it is often this sentence. Are generally weak, and the export of australia. But the Bank of Australia’s latest economic forecast, in particular, pointed out that population growth slowed down, the economic impact, but also can not be ignored. In the early years of
the gold rush, coupled with the rapid development of China’s economy, the demand for coal, iron ore, liquefied natural gas continues to increase, so that Australia’s resource extraction industry is growing rapidly. Many employment opportunities to attract a large number of overseas immigrants, especially with the mining industry related technical workers, to Australia to look for opportunities, and even become a major force in the Australian Labor and population growth. This year, the commodity of disaster, the Australian dollar devaluation, naturally weaken the attractiveness of australia. Workers prefer to choose to the United States and other places, dragging down the number of immigrants in Australia, the number of annual decline, 2012 has nearly 240000 people, to 2014 fell to only 184000 people; coupled with the domestic birth E-CIG CHINA rate fell, the overall population growth from 2.2% in 2008, E-CIGARETTE CHINA down to 1.4% last year. Que
ensland, Western and other resources, the situation is more serious. Analysis is expected to increase economic growth
rate, it is likely to slow down half a percentage point. The Australian central bank to cut the first cut in 2016 economic growth forecast to 3% to 2%; the next two years, the inflation forecast rose to 2.5%. But it is
optimistic about the job market, the latest unemployment rate of 6.3% almost peaked, the next eighteen months little change. Even though the unemployment rate is high, up to 800000, the highest ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA since 1994, wages have been low for twenty years, but the unemployment rate is expected to fall back in 2017. Or a decrease in the number of immigrants from overseas, it is true that can temporarily cover unemployment figures. But the overall population growth slowed down, goods, Hot E Cig kits services, as well as the new housing demand Mechanical Mod and RDA are reduced, and how to attract business investment, increase recruitment? How to guarantee the production activity? To put it bluntly, is a vicious spiral. The latest report published by the Australian government shows that the living standards continue to decline, public debt increased, if the government does not carry out reforms, will face the challenges of population aging. The next forty years of economic growth will fall to 2.8%, lower than the average growth of 3.1% in the past forty years. The fundamental problem in the country is not solved,
the external situation can not control. As one of the major trading countries, China’s growth slowdown, the Australian central bank to refer to the recent volatility of the Ashare market A, as well as the Chinese government bailout Disposable e cigarette measures, the economic outlook is more uncertain. How long does the commodity market crash? No one knows. Australia is on both sides by the enemy. Australian government said that the economic transformation, guided by the mining industry, to tourism, and other industries, and promise to 2015 to 2016 year to, so that the current budget deficit to surplus, easier said than done. Label