Shenzhen Corelle network game Limited by Share Ltd product description will be held in Guangxi Walton Kokusai Hotel

June 27th, Shenzhen Corelle network game Limited by Share Ltd product description will be held in Guangxi Walton Kokusai Hotel. Picture for the meeting site. nearly 500 guests from all over the country active participants. Disposable e cigarette Zhao Weiren, director of the company in the development of the participating guests Introduction Company. Corelle company has a network game market corresponding operation qualification certificate, operating legally.
meeting interactive time, the guests come up with a mobile phone to play games, the magic of the scene to experience 9527 games platform. rel= Guangxi news network Nanning June 29th correspondent Huang Qi carrying a variety of largescale games, and to achieve the PC side and APP data sharing Is a lot of players in the 9527 game platform to enjoy the experience. June 27, the game platform operators Shenzhen Kang Ning network game Co., Ltd. in Guangxi Wharton International Hotel held a product Hot E Cig kits that will be, and invites Zhi game
market to open up the person to join the festivities. From all over the country nearly 500 guests attended the meeting. meeting, the company’s activities planning commissioner Wang Ruixue on Corelle’s related situation to do the introduction: Shenzhen Corelle network game is a collection of Internet game platform, online games, mobile game development and operations in one of the new network
game companies. Team based on the Fox network game platform, the Mechanical Mod and RDA establishment of ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the group of network technology, the development of
the network games platform, has created can carry 300 a variety of large game online platform and achieve the PC and the app data sharing, at present the operation of the project mainly 9527 gaming platform. Corelle is a few domestic companies to achieve PC and APP data sharing technology of new online game companies, with the ICP
business license, the network culture business E-CIG CHINA license, the network game business license and other market operations qualification certificate, operating legally. Board of directors of the company Zhao Weiren said: 9527 gaming platform in the development of advanced technology, development prospect is broad, with five product advantages: PC and app data sharing; have independent mobile game; official website, Apple store, can be downloaded; in the Internet cafes synchronization shelves; game currency can charge each other with a variety of network currency. Corelle’s strategic goal is to the end of this year to the new three edition of the listing! Zhao Weiren also revealed that for promotion of cooperation platform, in August this year began organized the brightest players to carry out a series of competing activities. The final win, will have the opportunity to get a valuable reward car! meeting, Zhao Zhao great man to lead the guests to play landlords, the scene of the 9527 game E-CIGARETTE CHINA platform