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Scientific and popular science, DC amp; nbsp amp; amp; for both clinicians and researchers, even if i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes is the ordinary
Cheap Kids Air Jordan 12 Shoes From China people, need of female genital anatomical structure has a more detailed, accurate and sufficient understanding, and in the past it is always distant thing. Although the history of the people have been trying to, but until recently, prospect only slightly better, of course, away from the answers completely opened the day is ultimately more and more close. The following is a brief review of the female anatomy. In ancient Greece and Rome masters are able to accept female ejaculation, think this is a normal phenomenon, and like a man ejaculates also can bring pleasure to women, only that people still don’t know the existence of the sperm and the egg. So it is controversial whether such a liquid is also like male semen with fertility. The Herophilos in
Cheap Kids Air Jordan 6 Shoes From China the first four centuries mentioned women’s prostate like organs. Aristotle does not believe that the female liquid contains the seeds of life, he according to the observation of buy air max shoes online animals, that female liquid to help pleasure, but not with reproduction. Some people believe that the reason why
Kids Air Jordan 8 KJ802the female liquid does not contain the seeds of life because of the different female liquid volume is very large, buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online unlike men, each other similar volume and limited fluid volume. In the 2nd century AD, the Gran believe buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online female ejaculate contains life seed, identify with the theory of two kinds of semen, contends that women are two semen, a related to fertility, another source of liquid in the prostate, and the pleasure of sex related to, and fertility is irrelevant. The theory of the two seminal fluid is not only in the western medicine but also in the culture of Arabia. F Pokela Di thinks the semen of men and women is running together. In the 16 18 century, British doctors LaeviniusLemnius mentioned a woman how sucked out of the man’s seed and the blend of their content into. In the 17th century FrancoisMauriceau description urethra glands in sexual intercourse, spewing out lots of salt liquid water, an increase of women’s warm feeling and i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes excitement. A further understanding of this century to the female anatomy and function, especially Denmark basset’s family discovery of Bartholin’s gland. Netherlands anatomists Reggae Nirvana amp; middot; Graf RegnierdeGraaf in the early years of debate on the side of Aristotle, and verifies the liquid is derived from around the urethral mucosa and fleshy fibers between the glandular structures and pipelines. Many large gland openings can be
Cheap Kids Air Jordan 8 Shoes From China seen in the very thin mucous membranes of the entire urethra, and there is a considerable amount of fluid that can be seen from there. The thickness of such organizations, about a finger around, can be described as or what adenoid like the name. Prostate secretion such i like air max shoes liquid make women more full of sexual desire, more so that the lubrication during sex showed more receptive to the way, women and therefore more excited, like the male prostate stimulation showed that. But he did not distinguish between the lubricant and the liquid, and the liquid was not related to the birth or not. Alexander middot; 1880

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