resulting in poor road traffic. To see the scene of the photos taken from the web site

Video loading. Please wait… Automatic playing car back and forth on the scene of the accident, the original title: Hurong Expressway Changzhou multi segment car discount lebron james website pileup modern express on April 2, Changzhou (reporter Liu Guoqing Xiao Lin Ge) i like air jordan shoes men today at 1 minute, Nanjing, direction of Shanghai, Shanghai Chengdu Expressway Changzhou Hengshan bridge occurred multi car crash, the car crashed into a group. According to the police, at present, more than 10 people were taken to hospital. According to the staff to the scene of the accident G42 Hurong Expressway Changzhou section in the direction of Shanghai, 151 kilometers in Henglin hub 4 km in two trucks and cars rear end accident discount kids air jordan shoes occurred
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Blake Griffin Shoes Fusion Jordan Men central i love cheap jordans wholesale barrier across the road, resulting in two road car amble. According to reports, the accident could cause more than 30 vehicles collided, 21 people were trapped. 3 afternoon, the modern express reporter with a person in charge of the Changzhou police, on the other
Carmelo Anthony 9 Shoes Men hand, the accident caused more than 10 people were injured, the injured were rescued and rushed to the hospital. There are still a large number of traffic accidents on the road, resulting i like lebron james 2016 in poor road traffic. To i love jordan nubuck men see the scene of the photos taken from the web site, the scene is a mess, a number of cars hit a group, crowded together, the situation is very rare. A blue Mazda entire torso squeeze. There is a white car all over the plane. An automobile engine is under a truck. Responsibility editor: Wang Haocheng article key words: Shanghai Chengdu high-speed
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