rel= Guangxi news network Nanning September 2nd correspondent Huang Shangning September 1st

rel= Guangxi news network Nanning September 2nd correspondent Huang Shangning September 1st, 2015 sixth China ASEAN mining cooperation forum held in Nanning, the Forum Secretariat for the preparation of this forum. As China ASEAN Expo, China ASEAN Business and Investment Summit Series of activities, the current mining forum will be held in Nanning
City, city in September 19th. The forum theme is: to strengthen the cooperation in the mining industry, to promote the economic development of the Silk Road on the sea. Since 2010,
China ASEAN mining cooperation forum and promote the show in Nanning, Guangxi, China successfully held the 5, China, ASEAN countries, other countries and regions, such as the mining sector, mining companies, mining associations, financial institutions, mining research machine and service providers, and other representatives of the forum related activities and exhibitions, more than 2300 exhibitors participating enterprises, total promotion, negotiation project 85, 817. Today, the forum has become China and ASEAN countries with the highest level, the largest mining event, China’s Ministry of land and resources as a one of
the Mechanical Mod and RDA two international mining event held annually in Tianjin, China International Mining Conference, a strong impetus to Guangxi and ASEAN countries in the mining investment, technology promotion, energy conservation, resource comprehensive utilization, personnel training E-CIG CHINA and other fields of pragmatic cooperation. from this year, China ASEAN mining cooperation forum as China ASEAN Expo, China ASEAN Business and Investment Summit framework of an important event
and held the same period.
This forum will focus on mining exploration, development, security, environment and other professional and technical research, focusing on mining projects to discuss, promote, contract and other pragmatic cooperation, to further enhance the exchange and training Disposable e cigarette of China and ASEAN mining personnel. During the forum, the opening ceremony will be held, China ASEAN mining situation in the development of national forum, China ASEAN to learn research cooperation forum, mining policy research and mining investment protection forum, geological environment protection forum, as well as the mining project signing, promotion, fair and other series of special issues. at present, the forum guests registration and mining projects signed, promote, negotiations and other preparatory work is basically ready. The number of participants at the forum about 200 people, including the national mining sector, business and business associations responsible person, guests and representatives of about Hot E Cig kits 50 people. Autonomous Regional Land and resources department in charge of foreign cooperation, the forum has three major highlights: first, China ASEAN mining situation and national development E-CIGARETTE CHINA forum, focusing on the along the way to discuss the maritime Silk Road and the ASEAN countries’ cooperation potential and ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA resource advantages. Two is to focus on practical cooperation in mining projects, expand the mining industry association between China and ASEAN, the docking and contact, organize enterprises to carry out project docking negotiations, plans to sign the project 8, to discuss the project 8, 150 promotion projects including ASEAN and foreign countries