region of high short probability tomorrow if continued high

east wind up, which can look back. p today the 90 point rise may look and two weeks ago on January 5, 6, the rebound didn’t what difference, but the actual quantitative trading, difference is very big, because at that time is short covering leading trading, short covering cannot change the original pattern, but today is red pillars of the buying behavior leading trading, the market will usher in a turn for the better. At the moment can not help but look back on November 14 in the morning bor system released the data to quantify the subtle changes of the, that probably rate rising, and then the whole market is just in a nadir. Throw down 100 points on Friday when the people,
Charles Barkley Posite Max Mens Shoes Online Sale when Monday opened escape, Nakan back ah. I used bor system research and practice of quantitative trading for 6 years, also have to say four words not satisfied. that the current market will be how to show? Perhaps experienced investors will find the market
Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women Shoes Online Sale to go up all the way, very difficult, have to make a question mark. But I also come from people, know that it
Mens Charles Barkley Shoes MCBS04 is just a feeling, is the lack of data, who would not say that the reason is a KDJ line to a high level, so to fall. But I got to say, feel this question actually do not have to fight, because I take bor system to quantify, the current stock price has already run to the 68% of the short probability above the red line, into the region of high short probability tomorrow if continued high, touch is short probability of 95% of the blue line position, this position continue to rise, the probability is minimal. I think this is my bor system for so many years, after all, there are data to support, do fly, heart is dependable. Believe a lot of friends this a few days ago also Jincang, but if my heart still beating the drum, not allowed to eat, not practical can also be point
Charles Barkley Shoes Online Sale my blog home page on the right side a quantitative tool column inside the bor system and inside with bor system to quantify the explicit transaction that might progress a lot. br the market so quantization, the actual can see it is absolutely not only market rebound, but the market began to change the, this change is not easy to, a high probability of speaking Zhencang. More shares will suffer a toss, a small part of the stock will continue to dive. The back catch Zhencang opportunity, far more than to find part of the way up the Niugu opportunity. Like September before, although there have been on August 26, the strong rebound in prices, but the majority stock or in repeatedly Zhencang after conversion to rally. So here say that the signs of Zhencang. Take bor system to quantify, that is to kill two days green column and immediately short to complement leading, constitute a combination of both green and blue, in September when is subject shares Zhencang wash clean only after the rise in October and November of Hua Hua.